Thursday, January 29, 2009

tagged frustrations

Here are some photos to enjoy. (I had to put the tag stuff away for tonight)
Rest of news at bottom.

These are photos of some of my latest 'finds'.

I have a lady i buy buttons etc from.
The last try she brought over had all these things on them.
Check out the prices in the close up.

Can you believe I got all this for $3.00!!!!
Can you tell I'm thrilled?
Scott and i went to the coast Monday, just for a short break for the two of us.
The next three photos are of our finds there.

Isn't this little dress cute?
I love vintage baby dresses, and only have 4 left.
Couldn't resist this one.

These are my treasures from a couple of stores.
I love when you go into a thrift store, and everything is already affordable, but they will wheel and deal too!!!
After all, the finding, and the wheeling and dealing, are all part of the fun.
(bet you are owndering hwat on earth i use all those knobs, and hinges for.) I'll tell you later. This photo includes some of my 'playthings' i cam currently using on projects.
I'm accumulating lots of stuff to play with, and I love it!!!
Always room for more though.

OK. I've spent an hour writing the tagged post, and it is in the draft file now.
I am frustrated trying to figure out the links thing.
Found it on my layout, and keep loading it different ways, but nothing links it, well at not all of them.
It's the http...www... that i must be messing up on.
Some load, some don't, when i click on them.

here are a few photos for you to enjoy, and tomorrow morning I'll start fresh.
hugs to all
enjoy pictures, and have a good nights rest.



Anonymous said...

Good Morning Barb! I'm so glad you came back for my Tagging! Don't worry about the linking thing if you don't know how to link your 7 invitees' websites. But it's easy. When you go to the page where you post, there's a little green icon there that you click on after you highlight the person's name. It will show a line where you simply insert their website address. Viola! Done!
It's fun, but if you don't have time, I'm just glad to have made you smile today!

I love all the goodies you found! You've got a great eye for treasures!


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Good morning Barb, these treasures are awesommmmmmmeeeeee!! Can't wait to see what gorgeous things you put together with them. Yes, sweetie I've had the shop open for 12 years now. It's my little calm from the storm so to speak. With a sick hubby and constant worry I would say it's my therapy.. I can't wait to see your tablescape you put together.. You have the linky think and the picture to put on your blog and so on with the dates right darling? I know you're going to have a blast visiting everyone and them visit you...
hugs ~lynne~

Charmingdesigns said...

I came by to visit you from Diane and Lynnes blogs...It is nice to meet you. You found some awfully nice goodies! Laurie

Bre said...

..can't wait to see what you do with the knobs and hinges !!

I love the thrill of the hunt at thrift shops too. Your baby dress is adorable . I collected a few of those and have a gorgeous antique baprism dressed I baptised my kids in.

I love the Oregon COast . There's a small chance I may go down to visit friends in March.


Robin C said...

Hi Barb,

Diane's Musing mentioned your giveaway so please add me to it. I love all things with birds, etc