Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bird Nest Building part 2

This is the small loop for your nest.
Use the technique above to make 1-4 more loops, each getting a little larger than the last.
Assembly of loops:
You should do all gluing steps on a piece of cardboard or paper, something that hot glue will not harm.
Starting with the smallest loop, put hot glue on the top outside edge. Be generous.
Line up second loop. (This will be a little hard since one loop is larger than the other, but give it your best shot.) Don't worry about glue showing anywhere as it will be covered up later.
Do worry about getting glue on your fingers!! (got the Aloe Vera handy??
"Stick outs" are OK. They can be trimmed off later.

With each step make sure you press and hold the loops down till the hot glue is set.
Continue till all loops are glued together, from smallest (on bottom) to largest (on top).

If there are areas that do not stay together, that's where the thin wire comes in. Just cut a few 2" pieces, bend in half, poke through from the outside, and twist together on the inside.

At this point the nest should be assembled and the size you want. If it is too deep for your container, or frame, you get to 'squish' it down. You can use the heal of your hand, a book, or just sit on it. Your choice. ;0)
Now the creative part begins! This is sooo fun!!

I like to pretty much make my whole nest, then put it in whatever it's going in or on.
Since the bowl, frame, or whatever will be it's bottom, you don't need to worry about the nest being solid on the bottom.
Clip off any "stick outs" on the inside. (I guess if they are on the inside, they would be "stick ins", wouldn't they?) Well, cut those off.
Leave those on the outside and trim them later if desired.
Start filling your nest with Spanish moss using the hot glue gun as needed.
This fills in and covers any gaps, glue blobs, or areas you don't quite like. You can make it pretty solid, and fill about 2/3 up toward the top. Poke some in the outside edges as needed, but leave as much of the twig part showing as you can.
Now you can "fluff" all you want.
I use cheese cloth (tea stained of course, and shredded or pulled apart), yarn, moss off trees, little pieces of bark, and well, anything else i find at the time. The hunt is part of the fun. Add these here and there in and around your Spanish moss and around the top edge of the nest. Add bits add pieces on the outside edge too.
Remember, those eggs need to be nestled into little soft areas, so no big pieces of bark in the middle. =0))
Be a good mama bird now, and make some little spots for your eggs to be 'laid', then hot glue them in.
Now your nest can be added to whatever frame, bowl, or branch you have selected for it's home, and enjoyed all year long.
I hope you have enjoyed building your nest.
If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to comment on here, or email me.
This is my first time, and you can help me learn.
Thank you, and Happy nesting!!
Barbara Jean


Picket said...

Morning girl....I think you did an excellent job with describing the details! It turned out beautiful! I love how you can leave them rustic or fancy them up alittle...great post girl! This is a new we started and I hope it is a fantastic one for you sweetie!

Diane said...

Barb, this is just beautiful and worth the 3 hours it took you! When I've made my own, I've only gotten as far as the winding. When you inserted the sticks, THAT'S what makes it look so natural! I couldn't figure out how to do that with just winding. I knew something was missing!
Thanks! And thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope to see you again!

The Feathered Nest said...

Barb!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! Do you mind if I link to it?? I would love for everyone to see your tutorial, and now you've made ME want to make some nests....isn't that what it's all about?? Inspiring each other? Your finished cones are just gorgeous too!!! You did an amazing job with your tutorial....
Wishing you a wonderful week ~
xxoo, Dawn

Bre said...

Wow - these are amazing !!! They're adorable.

I'd love to try some ... do you think weeping pussy willow branches might work ?

Awesome job ....anda little giggle about the three hour post . It's taken me that sometimes too.....but i didn't end up with a beautiful tutorial like this lol !


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Thank you for sharing your talent with us all out here in blogland. I may just give this nestmaking a try in the spring time.



beddow said...

Jessica (The Cozy Kettle) shared about your blog, this is so awesome. Now I am off to look at other parts of your blog.

Judy Morphis said...

I can't wait to try this. From the heart, thanks so much for sharing the tutorial.

Queenie~ said...

Your nest turned out did a wonderful job!

Bo said...

Hi Barb...Just now getting a chance to come by and check out the darling little bird nest project tutorial...I really think you should post a tablescape using one of your creations as the can just show one place setting or two... you won't have to set an entire table. I think a lot of the crafty ladies (which I have no craft skills-LOL) would love to see your tutorial...Best wishes! ;-) Bo

Sister Robbins said...

Gorgeous Nests!!! I have discovered that if I use one of those glass cuttingboard/trivets from any grocery or big box store to do any hot glue, I can be as messy as I need to be and the glue comes right off. No need to worry about burning the work surface either.

Elizabeth said...

What awonderful job you did on this tutorial!!! I no longer live in the beautiful pacific northwest- BOO HOOO but I have lots of honeysuckle vine and bittersweet vine in the area and I know that this works well if Birch twigs are not available.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Amazing ...Just too gorgeous!!1

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

YOU are thee very best NESTER in the world! EGADS... I LOOOOVE EM!
IS there anything you can't do????