Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get R Done Friday

Expressly Corgi

Thanks for hosting!!

Flaunt Your Red Friday

Flaunt your Red Party

OK, here it is Friday again already!!
Where does the time go???

Here are a couple of reds for you.
(don't think there is an official Flaunt today,
but flaunting mine anyway. =0))

This is our grandson Remy.
See the red shirt??And our granddaughter Ava.
How's that for a face.
Three of the kids and i played a fun game,
and the result is lots of laughs and theese fun faces.

On a serious note.
These two chairs on in the front yard
of one of the houses where i walk.
I recently asked a young man there ,
what they were for.
They are for his Dad, and his uncle,
who are both serving in Iraq.
His Dad made them in wood shop many years ago,
and when they went into the military
they put their names on them.
I am sure they are anxiously awaiting their return home.

I posted this as a reminder that we
still have men and women
over on other shores fighting for our freedom.
Let's remember them in our prayers.

Now for some Get R Done!!

Remember this pile of dirty stuff?
The glass turned into this.

Remember this from last week?

Well, here it is finished,
well almost finished.
I'm adding a cross to it,
then it will be done.

And this is my favorite of all i finished this week.

And here is a peek inside.
This and 2 similar boxes will soon be in the gift shop.

Thank you for joining in today.
I hope you get a lot done this week,
and next week will join us for Get R Done Friday!!
Barbara Jean

Oh, this is next weeks project:

more PS.
My granddaughter and i did some cleaning at the store this week.
We got a lot done, but it never crossed my mind to take before and afters.
I'll try to remember on the next project. =0))


Sammy Girl said...

Barb --
You are such a doll! And I LOVE the shadowbox. Wedding is saturday and we leave Thursday, so probably not make it to see you until we return. Are you hosting or involved in any shows this autumn? i'd love to list them (or some of your favs).
Take care and hugs!
Betty :)

ClassyChassy said...

What wonderful REDS - and Great GET R DONE's! You certainly have been busy, girl! Have a great weekend!


Barb...I love the shadow boxes...and know I love Grandchildren..Happy GRD Friday!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

My gosh, but you are so dang creative!
Your brain must work overtime coming up with such interesting transformations!

Lisa said...

Love it all! Thanks for sharing the reds!
Hugs, Lisa