Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DeniseMarie, at Bloomin' has given me a challenge!

On Tuesday's 3 or more, (here)
i posted a lot of frames i have purchased over time.
Some for crafting, some for the store.

DeniseMarie has challenged me
to come up with 3 or more
finished projects from the frames.
So, some time in the next 3 weeks
(3 seems to be the magic number here)
I will present, on 3 or more Tuesday,
3 or more finished frame projects using frames!!

Keep me on my toes everyone.
I can be pretty forgetful!! =0))

Anyone else want to take on that challenge,
and get 3 or more projects done in 3 weeks?

Blessings and get craftin'.

Barbara Jean


Rebecca said...

I'm excited to see what you do!


ClassyChassy said...

Oh, we will be waiting to see what you dream up for your 3 AND MORE! haha - best get busy!

marie said...

What a neat challenge! I seem to be at a creating roadblock...I finally finished one item this past week but that's been it for months. This may be the perfect jumpstart I need. I will be trying for three new projects in the next three weeks too!

marty39 said...

How fun and boy are you brave. I can't imagine trying to figure out something for all of those frames. I really have no imagination when it comes to that. Now a sewing project I might get one done, but three ????? I can't wait to see what you do. Hugs, Marty

DeniseMarie said...

Barbara Jean,

I think it would be neat to come up with a grouping of something for a season. I've been dreaming of Fall and Winter here in the Texas heat. Remember fabric and scrapbook paper can be your best friend as backer boards. I see you love birds and nests..think 3D too. I found a Turkey feather on in-laws farm last week but it won't be framed..I'm stickin' it in a flower arrangement.

I'll have 3 projects ready to show you. I'm working on a banner to put over my kitchen window that will read...BOO on each panel of scrapbook paper. I gotta use up my cool paper stash.

I know you'll have fun picking your frames out of your lovely stash. Denise Marie