Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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vintage thingies thursday

This is a combined post and my
vintage and thrifties are kind of mixed in together.

OK, now I know you will not believe this,
but i have checked this picture 3 times.
It is absolutely right side up in my Photo file,
but comes sideways on this screen.
My fella says it is "PICNIC"
(problem in chair, not in computer).

So, please, just turn your head a bit, and enlarge photo,
to see these really cool old tins that held little parts years ago.

Here are some non-vintage finds
that will probably be painted a different color.

The shoe buckles at the bottom of this pic are vintage,
and are not being painted a different color. =0))

And some new items purchase at the beach
last time we went.
They are decorative pieces, and sea shell dishes.
They are made out of a really hard resin that looks like marble.
They are in my newly decorated sea shore area at the store.
(soon to be revealed!!)

It's hard to tell if these are oldies,
or just so dirty and rusty they look old.
But, for 50 cents, it doesn't really matter.

(These may turn in to Get R Done Friday projects.)

And last but not least, more vintage art.
These yellow roses I painted were a gift to
my brother in 1978.
Since he is getting ready to retire in the near future,
and he and his wife will sell all and travel,
I am getting some of these treasures back.
Any one like yellow roses?
Maybe I'll put them in the gift shop.

Those are my treasures for today.

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Barbara Jean


Coloradolady said...

Barbara Jean...I just love the picnic term...I am going to remember funny.

Loved all your treasures, the vintage storage trays are great. And your yellow rose painting is very pretty, how nice to get that back.

Have a great VTT!

Chandy said...

Beautiful pieces!

Roslyn said...

The yellow roses are beautifully done, BJ, remind me of Texas! yellow roses are for remebrance.
The tins are cool I wonder what they were used for?
i have that problem with pics sometimes, it's REALLY annoying PICNIC or whatever!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

lovely pieces.. what you gonna do with it all? just wondering.. thanks for sharing..

Cindy at PlantSomeRoots said...

I laughed out loud when I read the picnic phrase! Great pieces!

Kammy said...

Hi Barbara Jean !
I joined you guys this week ! I
can't believe the stuff you find - so cool !

Dawn said...

Yeah, that Picnic phrase will have to go into my memory too!

I'm glad to see someone else buys rusty, dusty stuff! Your shop sounds fun!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

What wonderful treasures!!!

Ally0005 said...

What neat items you have!!! Love the yellow roses.


Chari said...

Mornin' Barb...

Well my friend, I just love all of your thrifty and or/vintage treasure finds! I especially love those old tins with all the many little compartments...oh, I could think of all kinds of things to put in those! Hehe! I really like your new beachy finds too...can't wait to see your new beach area in your that's been fun putting together!!!

Well my friend, have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing all of your goodies with us!

PS...oops, wanted to say how pretty the yellow rose picture is!

TinyBear said...

Love those old tins - so funny with the picnic term - lol
and thank you so much for visiting over at my place.

CC said...

Oooo, what beauties you have posted today. I love those little tins..and those yellow roses, how very,very talented you are.They're beautiful. Happy VTT and have a lovely weekend.
p.s. I love the PICNIC term.... :)

Christina said...

Pretty finds. Love the tins. How fun.

Cindy Shea said...

The yellow roses painting is to die for! You are so talented! :)

Allidink said...

Cool things! PICNIC haha never heard that before but pretty funny.

All the best,

Becky said...

I had to giggle at PICNIC. Even my tech savvy Hubby hasn't heard that before!

Your treasures are wonderful! And what a talented artist you are!

Thanks for sharing.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Thanks for participating in Thrifty Thursday this week! Some great finds, my friend!
Tales from Bloggeritaville

Jewelgirl said...

Lovely things and metal too! They
make to many things in plastic now.
Would love to see your creations
when you're finished, it would be fun!

Candace said...

Oh, PICNIC is a hoot! Love your goodies - the tins are so cool - wonder what they held!