Monday, August 10, 2009


Serenity Now 4 Amanda

What a wonderful idea Amanda!!
And so timely.

I have had my little gift shop for a bit over1 year now,
and an area has kept alluding me as far as a good solution.
So, maybe you, or some of your readers can help.

This is the 'problem' area.
A long narrow hall i use to display in.

On the left side is an area of shelves, which is
pretty easy to keep a cute display on.
Here is a photo of it now.
Just past there, on the left,
is a little table, and some blank wall over it.
Again, not too much of a challenge..
but maybe could be better.
Then the bathroom door.

Oh, ignore that white shelf on the floor,
I'm still trying to decide where it will go.
Can't have too much sticking out from the wall as it is narrow.
(of course if you have any ideas for it let me know.) =0))

Just past the shelf is another door, and one
right across from it on the other side too.

Here is a shelf at the very end of the hall.
Sort of a mish mash of stuff,
and i just need to do a better job of putting that together.
I can't hang anything above it as there is a
circuit box behind the curtain.

Here is another look down the hall.
There is about a 4' area right before another door.
Another pic hangs on it.
That doorway has a shallow shelf in it.
It is only about 4" deep,
and again, sort of just gets anything that does not go anywhere else.
It is made of rough fence boards, and does not really go anywhere,
but it is what i have so I use it.
It is in front of a hollow core door,
so not easy to hang things on the door either.

And this is the big blank wall just past that doorway shelf.
It is the biggest problem.
Sometimes i have paintings or pictures hanging on it,
but it can get pretty busy, and
they are not best viewed from 1 foot away.

So, there you have it, the problem hall.
mainly need ideas for the little shelf in doorway,
and that big blank wall.

Thanks and blessings,
and be sure to thank Amanda for such a great idea!!!

Barbara Jean

After I wrote this i had an idea:
I have old windows (shabby sort you know)
that could be put on that wall, and then maybe a picture hung on it.
That would break up that big space.
Or, maybe signs, or, well, I'll just have to
scrounge around and find some cute filler.
Maybe do that instead of trying to use it for a lot of display.
I'll see what i have and show you.


Tammy of Yarborough House said...

Barbara Jean- I think it looks charming. The only thing that bothers me is the end of the hall. You see that prominently as you enter as it is the end of the hall.
I thought something taller would be better there then read that the circut box is there- what a dang place to put that ugly thing right?
Anyhow- I would paint that piece of furniture or get another you can paint and do it in a bright eye-catching color- like robins egg blue or a green or red. Something that grabs your attention.
Then could you get a piece of lattice cut to a the size of the space above it - a square or rectangle space from the top of the furniture to about one inch from each wall and ceiling. Put a simple frame of lathing around it then hinge it to the wall. You could use it as more display space or even a place to hang a picture or such. And when you need to get to the circut box you could just swing it open. It could be painted the same color as the piece of furniture. You could even put one of your old windows there backed with some burlap and hinge it..
Hope that helps...

Barb said...

Thanks for coming by.

Those are some great ideas!!
I am a bit afraid of putting a definite color of furniture down at the end, as it limits what i can display there. But, maybe display some eye catching colors on it.

How about a neutral, but lighter piece of furniture, with the shabby window and burlap idea over it. HINGING SOMETHING IS THE GREATEST IDEA!! i never thought of that.
could do a window for now till i get lattice framed in.
And, maybe add shelves to it to put things on. (oh, maybe not. might fall off when i open it).
I did think about a wider shelf up above too.
Now, big, boring side wall on right??
Don't i need to do something with it??
maybe sponge it or something??

thanks a lot. great ideas!!


Barbara jean

Holly said...

Hi Barbara Jean! How about painting the narrow shelf white? I think the windows would look great, with pictures or wreaths hanging on them.

Barb said...

You mean the rough wood one in the doorway??
Or the dark brown one at end of hall.
both would probably look better white.


Barbara Jean

Holly said...

Barbara Jean, I meant the narrow one in the doorway, but the other one would be nice painted too. Maybe even not white, maybe a light pink or green.

Xazmin said...

I agree with Tammy, it DOES look charming!

What if you changed up some of the lacey table covers with some other colors, just to add some variety?

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hi, Barb! Thank you so much for joining my party (and I was nervous that no one would show up). ;)

I love the suggestions you've had so far. What about a tall mirror resting on top of that bookcase at the end of the hall. You could paint the mirror frame in a neat color to give it a pop or just distress it. It would be something different over the circuit box. We had a similar situation in our downstairs closet that used to be a desk area. There was a circuit box just above a shelf...I put a painting on the shelf and leaned it against the wall and no one knew the box was there!

I love the window idea! :) It would be a great (and interesting) filler.

Thanks again for joining us today. :)