Thursday, July 21, 2011

Displays and "what to paint it"?

New little displays at store.
cool old mailbox, and rusty tins.

black shelf and old knobs.old cash drawer filled with goodies.
(hope I did not already show you this.)
What color to paint it?
Love the little drawer unit below.
It is about 9x18" (guessing, forgot to measure)
It is not the cool green color it looks like here,
but brighter, and edges are stained brown.
Black, or cream? Or just antique it to tone it down?
What do you think??

blessings on your day
barbara jean


Ido said...

Hello Barbara, white never fails, what about some old white distressed and stained? just a thought. My son would love those pocket watches!
Have a great weekend!

Susan said...

Love the green drawer unit!!

kpaints said...

Love it all but that little cabinet sure would look fun in my sewing room! How about just painting the edges red...leave the teal?

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

I like the idea of antiquing it. would be unique and different. There's already lots of black and creamy white out there :)

Tete said...

Our mail box looked just like that when I was a kid.
Anything you do with the small drawers will be better than how it is now.

She Uses Her Words said...

Love your displays! Always inspiring! I would paint it either black or antique cream. :)
xoxo, Karen