Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun Finds Friday

I have more time on my hands.
This huge pocket watch also has an alarm on it.
And would you believe the watch, and the alarm work?
(this will be on my store blog in a couple of days)

Here are some pieces of garden tinware.

That scoop is huge, like maybe 15" tall!
(forgot to measure)

love that old wood handle.
And look at the spigot in that old bucket sort of thingy.
A close up of those metal drawers.

Here is a box of misc. treasures.
Love buying boxes then taking them home
and going through them.
See anything you like??

Here is something I had not seen before.
Can you guess what it is???

I thought maybe it would make a good picture holder.
But it works best as a hole punch.
Yes, a one hold punch from the 40's.
complete with instructions to oil once in awhile.

Hope you liked my finds this week.
Next week I will actually show you something
I have been working on!!

Blessings friends.

barbara jean


peggy aplSEEDS said...

watches and keys, my favorites, wonderful finds!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Barbara Jean ~ You find the coolest stuff!! I love old watches! I think they might be one of my new "things" ~


Crystal said...

I've never seen a scoop that big!!! I love all of your finds...especially the keys!!!

Ido said...

Once again you have me ooohhing and aaahhing at your finds, so pretty!
Have a fantastic weekend!

Unknown said...

I love that old scoop ! and that hole punch is fun . Great stuff !

She Uses Her Words said...

Nice finds Miss Barbara! I'm glad to see you're having another Vintage Marketplace August 13th. That is one of my favorite dates! My birthday!
xoxo, Karen