Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Would you buy these????

Love these castors!
Got a whole box of them.
No clue what I'll do with them.
But they were old wood, and rusty metal.
How could I not buy them??
I paid $3.00 for the box.
Would you buy them?
What would you do with them??
Joining in on "Would you buy it Wednesday."
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barbara jean


Jane said...

I would have bought those in a heartbeat. Boxes filled with things like that are my favorite things to buy. And only $3.00!! I have a few of those castors myself and haven't come up with a project for them yet. Maybe if we put our heads together we'll come up with a fabulous idea!!

Tee said...

OMG, I'm always jealous of your awesome finds but today I'm positively green with envy. I've been looking for a deal like this for about a year.
About 2 years ago I bought some drawers that were once under a waterbed. Hey, they were a buck, okay.
About a year ago I found the perfect use for them. Put coasters on them and use for under the bed storage.
Later on I saw someone put dowels in the draweres and use for ribbon storage.
Wonder how many more years it will be before I score coasters like you just did?
Green Tee

Erin said...

As much as I LOVE a box of vintage goodies (especially if there is rust involved!), I probably would have passed on this little treasure only because I would have no idea what to do with them! Perhaps they could be part of a cool, shabby tablescape? :)

Susan said...

Barbara Jean for that price I probably would buy them. However normally that is not something I would buy. I can't wait to see what you will do with them.

Becs said...

Lol. I know what you mean. I buy stuff like that all the te not even knowing what I would do with them. Becs

Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

They are really neat and that is a killer price ~
I don't have a clue what I would do with them though ~


Junk Exchange said...

I would drill a series of holes into a length of old board .. say an old door header .. a section of victorian molding .. stick the leg of the wheels into the holes and hang the board for use as a coat hook .. yes, i would buy them .. if i didn't already have a slew of them waiting to be used as i just described ..

Junk Exchange said...
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Betsy said...

Yep, I'd buy them because they have rust. I used to use those back in my birdhouse making days. I'd use them as perches...a birdie treadmill.

bj said...

Why, I would have bought them in a New York second. You bet I would. Now, what I would do with them is THE BIG QUESTION. Some added to an olden board as "hooks" (aprons hanging from, scarves,hats...) would be so adorable.

Cheery Blossom Avenue said...

Yep, I would have bought them... and I have bought them! I keep a few boxes of pieces and parts (knobs, coasters, drawer pulls, etc) for parts at all times. Never know when I'll get a steal oon something because a part is missing!

Anonymous said...

i would have totally bought them - but you already knew that :) if for no other reason than to have extras in case you find that fabulous vintage dresser or other piece of furniture that's missing just one. . . .in fact, i am - and just might ask if you'll sell me one to replace it !
many blessings to you too my friend.

Gail said...

Turn casters on side and use as drawer pulls.
In autumn, put under a cloche with some crusty leaves, moss, waby saby type stuff.
Good find.