Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pink Saturday Old Store Pics

Since it is pink Saturday, will just show you a bit of pink this time.

When we started we had just 1 room open, and a more cottagy look.

All for now. More to come as I reminisce about our beginnings.
Blessings all barbara jean


T's Daily Treasures said...

My how you've grown! Have a wonderful day. Tammy

Marydon said...

What a wonderful presentation of your shop & the treasures in it, Barbara Jean.
Congrats! on your success.

Times have taken its toll on the antique business in our regions & malls/stores/shops fold all the time.

Have a beauatiful week.

Shopgirl said...

Your shop is delightful...I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Mary

Stephanie Suzanne ♥ Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Barbara Jean,

Great photos..I'll watch for more.

Pink Sparkles for your week,
Stephanie Suzanne ♥