Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is it???

Can you guess??
These are about 7/8" x 1 1/2"
but can come in a variety of sizes.
They have been rusted, cause I like rust!

C'mon. Give it a go.
Guess what it is,
and if you like 'em, you can win some.

Guess on this post only. Ends July 31st at midnight..

barbara jean


Sheila said...

Interesing indeed!
My guess: the metal plates for the locksets on old doors, where the screws go.

;-) Thanks!

Jenny @ Faith and Pearl said...

I want to say it looks like a washer of some sort that maybe went behind a key plate??....idk. If that's not it, I'd have to guess it's something from under the hood of a car or tractor!! haha


sonya said...

I agree with Sheila! That's what I think they are too! :) Are they?

xo, Sonya

Susan said...

well, definitely looks like keyholes there, so I also guess they are part of a lock set.

Dayna Tilleman said...

I think they are gaskets for door handles, to seal the wind etc from blowing thru.Love all the little things you find, wishing I was in your neck of the woods

thanks D

Crimson Heart Studios said...

I'm not sure what theses were originally, but I would turn them into tiny picture frames, by placing the artwork in the 2 larger holes, and tying ribbon to the top two holes, forming a loop to hang it by. Thanks, Cindy

The English Romantic said...

I thought , keys, locks, anyhow they are great!

Ido said...

I say they are door key plates, latch plates? Oh gosh, I hope I'm right! Love them!

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

I'm guessing a doorbell keyhole set. Fun!

glassy~ said...

I have an idea.
Gaskets? Of an engine of some type?
Motorcycle ?

I too would turn them into picture frames.


khess136 said...

Well, Barbara Jean, my guess is that they might be the plate behind the door buzzer/bell..can't wait to find out if I'm right!

rglater said...

My first post and maybe third visit (from CL).

Gaskets/washers except one is solid which could mean an end plate

Tee said...

Okay, I first thought car gaskets too until I read the size. Some readers have already guessed key hole thingys. They're prolly right but just in case not, I'll guess that they are
Old post office plates.
I love Crimson's idea of using them for picture frames.

She Uses Her Words said...

I think they are gaskets of some sort but not sure what kind. They sure are cool! Great find!
xoxo, Karen

Anonymous said...

They look like metal gaskets- we had an farm parts and auto store and the tractors had gaskets like this sometimes it seemed.

You find the greatest things- love the little green car!

Betsy said...

Hmm, gaskets from a tractor? I sure have some repurposing ideas in mind:-)