Monday, July 25, 2011

Dominoes to Dainty Ditty Bags

White Dominoes. My first ones.
Only had black before!
Remember my little purse made from a dress sleeve?
I added a little earring.
Just the perfect touch.
and I added a little bow and trim to two doll dresses.
It's the little things that make the difference.
(If you click the picture, you can also see the wire hangers I made.)
And not white, but a bit of info on my brass stencils
from yesterdays post.

I bought the set of 100 (yes there were 100 after all),
and wondered what the value was.
They are selling on ETSY for $2.50-3.50 each!!
(there were some cute necklaces made from them too)
So I did good!! I got a real bargain!! =)

and now my grand finale for White Wednesday!
My very first "Ditty Bag"!!
I've been gathering laces and doilies for several years,
with the intent of making lace purses like my Victorian Bag.
Well, after the first one, I never got around to making another one.... till....
I I found Beth Leintz' blog, Gathering Dust.
She had such a simple design, and great tutorial,
I was re-inspired!!
This was so quick and easy!!
Beth tea stains hers when done, and I was going to,
but I think I love this one just the way it is.
For you non-crafters, Beth has her bags at her ETSY shop.

So, thank you Beth, for the great tutorial,
for answering my questions, and for the
wonderful blog you have. =)

And thank you Kathleen, for hosting White Wednesday each week!
White Wednesday
blessings all
barbara jean

PS Ditty Bag= a small bag to hold necessities.
(my paraphrased definition)
These are just right (about 5x7) for your cell phone,
lipstick, drivers license, and credit card.
all a girl needs. =)
PS I adapted how I attach the lace by using Dawn's method
of gluing, instead of sewing. Even faster!!


Jenny @ Faith + Pearl said...

What a gorgeous little bag! Love it!! And such a great find in the set of stencils...those are really cool. Found your pretty blog through White Wednesday and I'm now following. Have a great week!


mercedes scott said...

I love love your ditty bag! And those baby dress are so sweet.... I agree that Beth's tutorials are fantastic; she really knows how to simplify and explain in a way that makes sense. Thanks for sharing - happy WHite Wednesday. :)

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Barbara Jean! Your ditty bag is wonderful! I love the details on the doll dresses too! LOVE the stencil set! Fantastic! I love white Wednesday!

BECKY said...

Love that ditty bag! Soo pretty!
And what a great deal you got on the stencils!!
Happy WW!

Amanda said...

Hi Barbara Jean! Thanks so much for your sweet visit and comments today! I am loving your ditty bag! And the little dresses are so very sweet...the trim you added is the icing on the cake! The hangers are too cool...were they difficult to make?
Hope you're having a wonderful evening!
Best Wishes and Blessings,

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Both bags are gorgeous,Barb!!
Love the baby dress - so darling.
Have a great day.

Angela McInnis said...

I, too, collect dominoes and love my old white ones. They are so pretty in a glass container mixed with the black ones. They just don't make 'em like they used to!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, I love that bag--it is exquisite! And I adore that baby dress and all your finds, Barb!!

chicroses said...

Just sneeking around on your it here..anyway I have some of those stencils. Been hoarding them. I did do a bird collage with one of them. Used the B and sold the collage..anyway seen in a magazine that some were connected with Noel word..with a little tea light behind it...sososo darling.So that was my plan..but dont think I have enought letters..interesting they are going for that much money. Now to go back to looking around here. I couldnt wait to tell you this..haha Sally