Thursday, November 3, 2011


Blogger/Google, what are you doing to me??? to us???

Once again everything is changed!!!!

Not only are the screens different,
and I have no read list,
but, when I tried to read my fave blogs on
Google Reader, they have changed that format, too.

OK. No big deal......
BUT, according to Google Reader I have NO Names
on my list. Zero, Nada, None, Not a One!!!!

Honesty I am getting so sick of it all I am
about ready to give up blogging all together!!
I am just not feeling up to learning one more thing!!

OK, vented, but do not feel any better. =/

barbara jean


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Barbara Jean!!! It's been so long since I've got to read my reader list. Half because I can't find the time and half (or more) because google is always losing it. I know just how you feel. It's been slow and awkward lately and I want to scream too. But I'm glad you posted because I got to see it and tell you I miss you. Love the picture of your sweet face.

OX's....Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

Agnes said...

My blog changed too.I lost my followers.
And i was angry too, but what can we do?
Just go on blogging.
Love, Agnes

Lisalulu said...

DON'T GIVE UP, please. They are always changing stuff, and I don't know much about the computer either.. just keep checking in and see if the weirdo stuff shows UP or at least gets easier to read!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I have a feeling it will all come back. It seems that the changes and upgrades they are working on make their way around and everyone is affected at different times, some time or another. A few weeks ago, my blog was gone. My heart dropped. I got a message that it was deleted. Thankfully, through Google Chrome, I was able to get it back working again. Don't you worry. It will all work itself out in time. Best wishes, Tammy

Lululiz said...

Oh dear, Barb, that really is frustrating. Why can't they just leave things alone? We don't need changes all the time.

Lillibeth said...

I'm crying with you!

Neabear said...

I notice the changes too. But so far I am doing okay with it. As long as I can find the blogs I am following I am fine.