Sunday, November 20, 2011

Picasa Question

To anyone who uses Picasa:
Do they store every picture you ever even open?? 
I even have pics of Michael's coupons from my email that I never opened.

I have spent time deleting every picture I did not want on there, 
only to turn around and have a whole slew of new
"unwanteds and unopeneds" the next time I am on there.


Sweet Monday blessings everyone.

barbara jean


sissie said...

Hi Barbara Jean!
I find Picasa to be very invading and I had my son, who is a computer scientist, delete the entire account. It simply will not delete and keeps coming back.

He warned me to never use them again because they take everything they can get from your computer. He's still trying to get it off my computer. It's connected to Blogger which is why we can't get rid of it. Don't know the solution.

Makes me mad.


marda said...

I know exactly what you're talking about and I to tried to delete everything, to no avail. It appears that Picasa picks up almost everything you've looked at on your computer. I finally realized it only showed up when I was saving a download via e-mail that I had purchased. It does all go away when you only download the item that was sent, that is if you go directly to Picasa to save the item. If you go to save it by skipping Picasa, and go directly to "save in my pictures" or "documents", it does HOLD it ALL. It took me awhile to figure this out.. and I'd spend countless time deleting each and every item...before I realized they weren't being saved once I opened Picasa and exported my download from there. Hope this helps.

marda said...

Hi, I'm going to try to get this reply a second time... we'll see if it goes through this time. I know what you're referring to with Picasa... it seems to capture something from everywhere you've been on your computer. I too was trying to "delete" everything. I noticed it showed up when I had a download by e-mail that I had purchased. I realized, eventually, that if you go through Picasa to add the download to your picture file rather than by- passing Picasa all that extra stuff was NOT saved. It simply goes away when you export to your pictures (so far that's the only place I've needed to export to).
My husband used to go around Picasa and we'd have tons of items and he'd spend considerable time trying to delete.. it's when I started ordering digital downloads for crafting and would go through Picasa that I realized none of that other junk was saved. He recently saved a picture that came through e-mail and DID NOT go though Picasa so I had a bunch of junk to delete again. Hope this least this has been my experience with Picasa.

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for your notes and hep.
I get so confused with all of it:
saving downloads, finding after, figuring out Picasa, and how to change things in it. All rather discouraging. =/
I just keep trying, like you.