Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Decorating Dilemmas Party!!

Here is my solution form the last party.
I had this awful circuit breaker box at the end of the hall at my store.

Someone suggested a window over it,
and that was a great idea, but no time to paint a window.
So, instead i just leaned a mirror up against the wall
If the power goes out, I'll just move it.

Thanks you guys!!

from this....
to this.
OK, now my current dilemma,
(or should i say one of them). =0)

This is the front of my little gift shop.

Someone just came into the store today,
and said, the outside does not let people know
how "dynamic" the inside is.
Any suggestions??
All that 'stuff' is garden, and it is really selling right now.

Of course Christmas will be easy because we'll have a tree and lights.
any other ideas??


And thanks Amanda, for this great party.

Barbara jean


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What a CUTE little shop!!!

You have so many great items outside that it is a little overwhelming. Do you have, or could you find a great farmhouse table and use it to display some of the smaller items, or even group them?

The doors maybe you could hang a wreath or some of your signs on and move them over to the fence?

You have some awesome pieces, but I feel like if I was shopping there, I'd get antsy b/c so many different things are in so many different places. I'd be worried that I'd miss something.

Maybe a pop of color? Can you paint that fencing that's leaning up against the store? Aqua blue, barn red, etc? Something that would draw people's eyes in.

You have some amazing treasures! :) Thanks for linking up again. Have fun mingling today!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I would at least paint the trim. I think a nice blue or green would really make the store pop.

alanna rose said...

I wish I could shop at your store - you have so many fun things!

I'm with Amanda, I would definitely paint the cute picket fence - it would really draw attention to your building. Maybe you could make a peg board to display the hanging items? Paint a large piece of pegboard to coordinate (but not match) with the picket fence, trim it out and hang it where you currently have that (adorable) pegged shelf. Have a supply of hooks handy in the shop and you can easily display all of the pretty outside hangup items. And during the winter a simple wreath would look very festive.

Beyond that I would either group like items, or create little vignettes (like you've done inside) to show off all of your treasures.

I'd love to see what you come up with!

Wendy said...

I agree that it's a lot of stuff outside. And it does need some color. I like the idea of painting the pickets. Maybe the door going in as well? It looks like a fun place to shop!