Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get R Done Friday

Be sure to go over to Expressly Corgi, and see what others have been up to.
Thanks to Monica for hosting, and doing such a fine job.
OK. Another step in our big project at the store
to get another room fixed up for displays.

Furniture all moved to center of room.

Two Thirds floor painted with 3 coats paint.
Walls primed, and painted one coat.


Get husband off couch to work.

I usually mention projects to my sweet fella a
couple of times prior to them needing to be one.
Just gives him a bit of time to get them in his mind,
and prepare him for work ahead.
Then when i really need it done,
he is not surprised by the whole thing. But this time he surprised me.
I mentioned last night right after dinner,
that i would need the hole for the doorway cut
in a week or so,
he said,
"let's do it now."

I about fell over in shock!!
I mean really, "Let's do it now."
not sure i have ever heard those words come
out of his mouth when it came to work!

Of course i said great,
and off we went.
(now, truth be told, I really was not ready till next week to have it done.
Mainly because i was not done painting, and
cutting the hole in the wall put a great deal of fine dust everywhere!!
You know that means cleaning walls off again to paint next week.)

But, you know what?
I am absolutely thrilled to do it!!

So off we went.

Wall measured

measured twice.


You know, measure twice, cut once. =0)Cut hole.


Beginning of next week, when store is closed,

I will be over there dusting, and painting, and lovin' every minute of it!! =0))

Here are some other little things i got done this week:

Patinad (is that a word?)



i made some things i will be showing next Tuesday for the

Sept 8 - 29th

3 Projects in 3 weeks challenge.
Come join us!!

Flaunt Your Red Friday

Flaunt your Red Party

Here are two of my best Flaunters!!

and Isabel

Happy Friday everyone!!

blessings and smiles
barbara jean



Barbra Jean...Amazing girlfriend...YOU really know how to GET R DONE! I love how you've combined all your posts too...that is 2 creative! Happy Friday to you!

ClassyChassy said...

Isabel is amazing - so colorful, and apparently she likes to post for pictures - does it very well, by the way! Thanks for participating in GET R DONE FRIDAY - You've been busy indeed! I like your advice on how to present projects to your hubby - give him time to mull it over before it actually needs to be completed - very smart. And his surprise DO IT NOW - I can imagine your thoughts! I agree - don't turn down his desire to get it finished - I've had to repaint and repaint and clean and clean for the very same reason, but if the mood fairy strikes, let him run with it! Have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

WOW! You are a busy bee! Thanks!
Hugs, Lisa