Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pink Saturday

clock, little girls, flowers, and....


Pink Saturday

Welcome to Pink Saturday.

Our wonderful hostess Beverly,
at How sweet the Sound,
is once again hosting this lovely Day for us.

Be sure to go on over and check out all the other pink,
and tank you Beverly, for doing such a great job.

This week, as my new friend on Pink Saturday,
I am featuring
"Say it With Roses"

You simply must get right on over
and see her beautiful painted on roses.

I really had to scrounge this week,
but oh so wanted to play! =0)

Here is a cute little clock in the little girls area of the store.
See the little carousel horses at the bottom??

Here are two of my granddaughters, playing a game
i made up the last time i had a giveaway!
I make up a new way each time i have a giveaway
for the kids to be able to participate in choosing.

Here are some pink flowers in a little section of our front yard.
You can also see i like chickens.
The pigs are just out of the pic on the right. =0)
(sounds like a barnyard, doesn't' it??)

and what's this?








It is not every day when i walk that i see this kind of pink.

and not just these few......

but a whole yard full!!!!

I think this might be like getting TP'd.
You know, some kind of "Your part of the gang" thing.

An honor so to speak.

Wish I'd thought to count them.

You just have to go here
and see what Sammy Girl posted!!
very cute.

Have a super day.

Oh, and don't forget the contest.

and the surprise coming next Tuesday!!!

I can hardly wait!!!

Barbara Jean


Oma Nijn's Country Huis said...

lieve Barbara

wat een mooie flamingo"s,prachtig.
maar ook de andere foto"s zijn mooi. regent het bij jullie ook zo erg,hier wel.groetjes en een fijne pink Zaterdag.

oma nijn

Anonymous said...

that clock is incredible and fancy having all those flamingoes on you front lawn very strange have a fab pink saturday

someplace in thyme said...

Sweet post today, love the flamingoes and you just can't lose when there are pretty girls in the posts, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

someplace in thyme said...

Barb, thankyou so much for all the kind posts you left on my blog. If you go to Picassa you will find the tutorial on the mosaics. That is where I found it. I am still learning, but it's fun, you will have to download picassa from google. Oregon? No, not Oregon, but the great state of AZ. You would have never guessed it would you. So much diverity in this great country of ours. Char

Sammy Girl said...

Barb ...

Ya GOTTA go see my post ... and have a laugh.
Hugs and have a great holiday weekend.
Betty :)
ps we are finally back in states despite plane foul-ups. But dad in hospital so we are off to Salem.

Atelier de Charo said...

Lovely flamingoes and sweetiest girls. Happy Pink Saturday!!!

CC said...

The flamingos are having quite a party ,aren't they?? You gotta watch those wild and crazy flamingos all the time..:). Happy Pink Saturday..have a wonderful weekend.

Vicki said...

Hi, Barbara Jean,
I enjoyed looking at your pinks today. The clock is very sweet, and I love those pink petunias! Happy Pink Saturday! Vicki

Lea said...

Love the pink "tunies" and those flamingoes JUST ROCK!
NOW THAT... is seeing PINK!
AHEM... WHATEVER you do .... DO NOT picture a pink flamingo for the rest of the day... AHHHHH! I just saw a whole flock of em before my eyes again thanks to YOUUUUU! HEEHEE I'll be seeing them all day long now! Ohhh what a marvelous day.

Claudia said...

If I was going to be tp'd, I'd like it to be pink flamingoes instead! How fun! Love all your pinks, Barb! Happy Pink Saturday!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! Like your list! And your pinks!
Hugs, Lisa

Charm and Grace said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my Cottage and for your kind comment. Wow, you got flamingoed! All that Pepto Pink all over your yard... funny. Those are some precious girls in those photos, too.


stefanie said...

the list is the best!!!!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

How delightful!!

Happy Pink Saturday.

If you have a moment-- I would love for you to stop by and say hi!

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Love that unique and lovely clock! And those flamigoes bring back memories of a time when one would see them in almost every yard. What fun to see so many in one place! Have a lovely holiday weekend!

Julie said...

Love it all...I am having a-give-away to celebrate my 1 month Blogoversary.... so come on over and check it out... We will picking a winner Late Monday night , and posting the results then...

Robin said...

Love your pink flamingos! Have a great day!

Take Care - Robin

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Barb! I don't know what post you read on my blog that gave you an idea but you know it's fine with me if you want to do it too!!!! Hope your labor day weekend is going wonderfully, hugs and love, Dawn

Anonymous said...

The clock is very pretty. And to have a yard full of pink flamingos? :-) What a sight!

Happy Pink Week!


vickie said...

Happy Pink Saturday (late) Love all the flamingoes! Great pink post!

xinex said...

Very pretty pinks! Love the bike planter in the garden. What a fun flamingo party!...Christine