Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get R Done Friday

Get R Done Friday

hosted by Monica, at Expressly Corgi.

A little of this, that, and everything!

OK. Now this is starting to sound like the norm with me,
but belive me, I really do finish things once in awhile.

It's just that, well, uh, oh what can i say.

I flit!!

I go from project to project as the mood hits me.

I leave piles in a path behind me.
No kidding.
(just ask my husband.)

Making pumpkins here:

Sachets here:

Sorting this:

cutting these:

started these mini- pumpkins....
dark chocolate brown with sequins. Still needs trim.

These are some things i actually got done:

cut some key stencils....

cleaned this out......

Got a thrifty tip done...

And started more projects.
like this (wait till you see how it turned out!!)

(I'm lovin' it!!)

and started this.....

OK everyone. I'm done flittin'.

What did you get done this week??

smiles and blessings and thanks for joining us.

barbara jean

Next week i will reveal most of these projects so stay tuned. =0)


Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Oh thank goodness I am not the only "flitter"!!LOL.

I am even driving MYSELF crazy with all the different projects going on around here!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Heidi said...

Hi Barbara Jean,

I haven't got any clock face images, but I would try looking at

Have a nice weekend!


ClassyChassy said...

Thanks for joining in! You always seem hard at work on something - new stuff all the time! I guess it's what makes crafters so fun to be around, right??? Have a great weekend!

JLS Hall (Joysweb) said...

Wow, you've certainly got a lot going on! Should be some interesting finished projects there. Oh, and that's a very cute bear!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

That looks too much like me to even be funny. I didn't get that much done, just a few plants planted. All of your projects look like great fun. Hugs, Marty

Neabear said...

I have to laugh at your flitting. I do the same thing. Many unfinished stuff left in a trail around my house too. Hmm...I may post for the Get R Done meme too. Need to take some pictures though. I have all day right....? Since I am home sick, I can try to do something. I am feeling better though. But since it is Friday, doctor decided I should stay home and go back on Monday if I am feeling better by then. So, I can play with my projects depending on how I am feeling. Ta ta for now!

Joyce said...

Wow so many irons in the fire as they say. I finished absolutely NOTHING this week as I spent the week cleaning my entire house from top to bottom (well I cheated in some areas). Now this coming week I will reward myself with some projects that I know I will finish next year for next Halloween. I always have the best intentions and no wonder why my husband moans when I say I am off to the craft store:)

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

I know you are just being nice and describing me! :-) I made a decision today. I am reorganizing my new empty nest so that I can get something done! Now I just have to bring all the furniture moving plans before the chairman, and enlist his help!

Denise Marie said...

I flitter too. I trip on 1 pile to get the next. You did send a pkg in there somewhere and I got it!! Just hadn't felt well enough to blog. Hubby was sick. getting ready to post next Tues.


ginger@bearbits said...

I can identify - thouroughly!

Angela said...

Hey Barbara Jean!

You sure do have a lot of craft projects going on at the same time! I think that is just how it is. We craft when the mood hits us. We clean when the mood hits us and we cook when the mood hits us! lol

Have a Great Weekend!

Lisa said...

Oh I do crazy things like that. Clean out your closet it's 2am! I hope you got it done! Looks like you have some fun Halloween in the works!
Hugs, Lisa

Schotzy said...

From one flitter to another.... i really enjoyed my visit tonight. Actually, I was reviewing my comments from the week, and when I came across your's re the fear of falling off of bridges... I too experienced a near drowning episode as a young child and that may very well be part of my dilemma. I never remember being fearful as a child of bridges though. It wasnt until I ws driving the one at Charleston, SC where the fear first gripped me.. the road is so narrow and full of traffic. Then the one at Dalgren on the Chesapeake grips me as well. Thankfully, I really enjoyed our trip to Boston, the bridges there are gorgeous and the Hudson bridge was really something to see, too.. Anyway just wanted to connect again... and to say I love your multivaried projects! Have a great weekend!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

I have about five little items on my desk right now all in mid stage and them some resin drying and hmmm I think they call it multi tasking when they want it to sounds good but I like flitting better.

Anonymous said...

I think most creative types are flitterers!(is that even a word!) I felt better after reading your post as I have 3 rooms in shambles do to flitting!


The McCrays said...

Hey barbara Jean,
Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I can't wait to see what your are going to do with the skeleton keys! I love love love them!