Friday, September 4, 2009

The Inspired Room
is having a
Fall Nesting Party Week.

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I love the fall colors.
Love the feeling in the air,
and the dried leaves rustling in the wind.

The beautiful colors in the trees.
The changing the color of decor,
and wardrobe change back to 'my' colors. =0)
(I'm a redhead. need i say more?) =0)

I love the crackle of the wood stove in the morning
when we are taking that bit of chill off the house.

I love hot cider, and pumpkin bread.
I love bundling up on the patio in
a blanket to read before i start my day.

I love that i have a family here to share it all with.

And i love crafting!

Below are my couple of little things that I have done.

Be sure to go over and see all the other wonderful fall treasures.

This is a Fall Harvest Box I do.

It is filled with an assortment of gourds, mini pumpkins,
dried corn, hand-made seed packet,
and usually a glove and an old trowel or tool.
Whatever variety of things i can find around at the time.

They are very fun to do as centerpieces,
or to give as a gift to a friend.
They can be added to your front porch decor, too.

This is a nice grouping for when company is coming.

A little 'vignette' as it were.

A little basket of bread treats, and some bottled apple cider.
(they were on the left and got cut off somehow.) =0(

There is also a basket of bagged up cider flavorings
to send home with them.

Or, you could do little potpourri bags out of wonderful fall colors.

That's all for today.


Barbara jean
Barbar Jean


Bre said...

......look at you Barb ..... quite a talented blogger now ...even a slideshow in the sidebar . I'm impressed !!
Love your Fall Nesting post too. I'm sure I gave you a heart attack when you saw my post this morning LOL . I'm coming out of a long, dryspell! I'll probably never be able to post in Spring cause of my schedule but I'm sure I'll find some time this fall and winter.

....had a great summer ...went across Canada by train . Didn't paint much though. How 'bout you, how was your summer any little side trips ? and how's the store going ?

Have a beautiful weekend (raining up here) and will definitely kee in touch !


Lisa said...

Oh Barb! Happy Fall! I'm getting my pics ready to do my fall posts!
Hugs, Lisa

ClassyChassy said...

Love the little box full of goodies - very autumny! Have a great weekend!


Hi Barb,
Your Fall Nesting box is great and I love the basket filled with goodies when friends stop by.
Thanks for sharing some of your fall ideas. You are one busy gal.
Deb :)