Friday, September 11, 2009

YAY!!! I Found My Pictures!!!!

Thanks again Marty, at a Stroll Through Life,
for such a great party.

Here we go with some more cloche party ideas!!

How about this for a cloche?

It is a section of those little wire garden 'fences'
you put around your flower bed.

Just bend it in a circle, cut off the excess wire
where they meet, and wire them where they meet.
(this one is not wired yet).

Then, set it on a plate,
and fill with...

oops! How did you get in here.
Come back later.

Here is the same vignette, but in a tall birdcage.

And here is our regular old cake dome.
Sit it on anything, plate, silver tray, mirror.
and fill 'er up!

OK, now here comes a bit of Fall.
Put any old thing orange, or yellow, under the glass.
Instant Fall decor! =0)

Here is is without the glass.

And here's another bit of Fall Fun.

OK, that's it for now.
I'm still creatin'!
Once i get the bug, look out!

(Oh, here is just a bit of the new Fall display at the store.
Let me know if there is anything you like.)
Would you believe I made those pumpkins all by myself?

Hugs and blessings,

barbara jean


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Now the fence idea is just too cute. You are so creative and I just LOVE the cute baby shoes and the little picture in it. So pretty. I love the cake dome too with all the wonderful pumpkins. The birdcage is such fun. I really appreciate you joining and showing so many wonderful ideas. Hugs, Marty

Alicia said...

Definitely going to try to make one of those fence cage/cloches! I love it and it's perfect for autumn and halloween decorating!

Thanks for the great clever are you?

common ground said...

I really love all your fabric pumpkins, the colors are beautiful! And the birdcage is a great display "cloche"!

Chari said...

Hi Barb...

Girl, you ARE still creatin'! Hehe! More pretties!!! Ohhh...I love all the pumpkins that you pretty!!! Did you also make the orange pumpkins?

Just read your note that you left on my "3 in 3" project! You asked about writing on the photos...are you familiar with Photobucket? I use photobucket to edit all my photos...resize them, etc. They also have the "writing" option. When you're in editing mode...there are several tabs at the top with different options. It's under the "Decorate" tab. It's really can print anything you want...any size, color, with several font options. Sure hope that info helps, Sweetie! Let me know if you have any more questions or need some help with it!

Love ya,

The Green Pea said...

You are talented with displays. Thank you for the nice ideas. sandi

Ana~A Petite Cottage said...

Me again. Just wanted to let you know that I think your fence cloche is a very creative and original idea. Who would of thought? Great job.


Denise Marie said...

cute, we can outdo ourselves when we get excited. I would never have thought about the fence wires idea or the upside down planter turned cloche somewhere here at the party.

Shelia said...

Hi Barbara Jean. Oh, I love all of your cloche displays. Aren't these little things marvelous! Love what you've put under them too.
Hope you'll come back for a visit sometimes.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sue said...

Who would've thought to take the wire edging border to make a little cloche? Not me, that is for sure. This is too creative! I like how you used a doily as a base for the baby shoes,tag, and the photo. The birdie cage makes a fun cloche, too! Now why didn't I think of that, either? See, we learn so much from each other! Gotta do pumpkins, and your dome was nicely done. Where did you find those mini pumpkins? I want some!
:-) Sue

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Barbara,
I love the fence idea and all the cute things you filled it up with! The cake stand is always good too! Thanks for coming by my blog too! Hugs, Cindy


Hi Barb,
You sure have lots of wonderful ideas and I love your handmade pumpkins. How much to they cost. I see different sizes. I like the fall/brownish ones. You can email me with the prices.Thank you!
Deb :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your cloche display is just fantastic! You have captured fall beautifully.

kate said...

so creative, love them all
thanks for visiting ,esp the birdcage

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Great ideas. So glad you found your photos.

Kelly B said...

You are so very clever!! I think the bird cage would work as a cloche, too. Your fabric pumpkins are beautiful!! I am going to have to pick some of those up...!!

Chari said...

Hi Barb...

Just read your note with the Photobucket question so wanted to come back over. Photobucket is a free online photo is the link...

I use photobucket for everything...I always upload all my photos to it...just so I can resize them for posting on my blog. For some reason, my camera takes HUGE photos and it takes forever to download them when making a I resize them to a smaller size before using them in a post! It has all kinds of really fun options! You can frame your photos..which I always do...just to dress them up a bit! Then there is the option to write on the photo. There's just all kinds of things you can do with it. They have an "effects" tab with about 15 different toys to change your photos. One of the effects is "sketching" which I used on one of my photos for my last tablescape (the all white tablescape).'s free...all you have to do is sign up for an acct...which is really easy! Hope this info helps you out! I love playing with all the photo graphics!!! Hehe!

Girl, I love your orange pumpkins! Thanks for answering my question. What did you use for the base...if I may ask? The orange looks like ribbon? They really are would be pretty to make some of the brown to go with them! Anxious to see your Autumn signs...I just know that they'll be fabulous!!!

Love ya,

Vicki said...

Hi, Barbara Jean,
All of your cloche designs were wonderful! Loved the idea of using the garden fence to make one. The baby shoes looked so sweet inside. Have a beautiful week. Vicki

Jane said...

You have some wonderful ideas...
Thanks so much for sharing.

Jane (Artfully Graced)

Sammy Girl said...

Hey, girlfriend!
We did not get to Barn House OR to Coburg this weekend. Was hoping we could "do" Coburg and say "hi" to you at the same time. Too many obligations sprung up.
Hope you are doing well ... we are okay.
Your pics and comments always make me smile.
Thanks for the pick-me-up.
Betty :)
ps the Deepwood Antique Faire is next Sunday and Martha will have things there ...

Tootsie said...

I am loving that fence turned awesome!!! great post! now I am going over to see the projects challenge you are hosting!