Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fun and Funny Halloween Decor

Heidi,Thank you for the opportunity to share
our hand-crafted treasures.

I have posted some of these items on other special days,
but hopefully there will be some new visitors who have not seen them,
and my old friends who will not mind seeing them again,
and enjoy some little tips on doing them.
I am just having so much fun with these.

I have been posting all my new frame projects
from the 3 in 3 Challenge that just ended.

Here are some little tips for turning a plain frame
into something better.

This frame was just a plain old wood frame.
to jazz it up a bit,
i glued lace around the edge,
mitering the corners.
(you can use glue stick, or tacky, or fabric glue).

Maker sure you push it down firmly and let dry.
Then spray with paint.
Sometimes i sand over top of it a bit to let under color show through.
It shows the texture better that way.

click on boo pic to see larger image.
Can you see the bit of texture it added??
You can also use thicker pieces of lace or trim to add more texture.

This is my crow's nest,
done in an old lantern with no glass.
I sprayed it from silver to black.
Put one of my home made nests in it.
Put in a bit of Spanish moss, and an egg. (black of course). =0)
Add some cheesecloth, rafia, a couple of spiders and a crow...

And, wallah! A crow's nest.
Coming soon:
Spooky Tales from the Crow's nest.

And this is the latest of my new creations.
I love this guy!!
Another frame project,
I added a little piece of Masonite across the bottom,
to make a platform for the crow.
A bit of music paper background,
(can you tell that's one of my favorite backgrounds?)...
Pieces of watches and hardware, a chain, some keys,
a drawer pull, cheesecloth,
(another of my fave things),
another one of my nests,
and a couple of spiders infringing on the
crow's territory, and there you have another crow creation!.
(Or ranting raven if you would prefer.) =0)

(don't ya love the shoes in this vignette?)

Here are some happy "jack-o-lanterns".
These are those 4" round fencing posts.
Cut them how ever tall you want.

(Mine are about 8 and 12")
Use the table or band saw to cut the tops at angles
like in the pics.
(you can use a hand saw too)
Then you can either drill a hole in the top
for a tree limb stem,
or just glue one on.
Give 'em faces with acrylic paint,
add some rafia and some spiders,
and there you go!!
Two happy little guys to entertain you and make you smile.

This is one of my stuffed pumpkins.
I make these each year, and they are a little different each time,
depending on what kind of fabric i have.
They are 6-8 sections sewn together,
depending on how 'plump' I want them to be.
Then i add a little stuffed stem, some jewelry,
berries, rafia, ribbon, or buttons.
Whatever seems to fit that particular one.
This one has berried and glittered up leaves.

You can see more here
and i am working on some little minis now too.
A vignette using one of my pumpkins and my bird nests.

Other pics won't load so maybe later i can add them.

Blessings on your day, and thanks for coming by

Barbara Jean


The Harris Family said...

Cute decorations. I really love your pumpkins. So cute.

Missy said...

Wow! I love all of it! You're so crafty. I especially like your BOO frame. Very nice!

summur braley said...

I love the pumpkins! Great idea with the frame and lace too! You are very crafty!

Xazmin said...

I love 'em all! I ADORE the idea of using lace to dress up the frame...I am so doing that! Thanks for the tip...and for sharing all you fab projects!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Wow, you are a lot craftier than I! I am lovin' those happy fence-post pumpkins. Super cute!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Look at all of these great Halloween decor projects!! Crafty you are, for sure! My favorite has got to be the fence post pumpkins. That is such a super cute idea. I've made snowmen before out of wooden blocks, but I hadn't thought about pumpkins! Thanks so much for joining in the challenge. This is so fun to see all of the great projects that everyone is coming up with! Blessings to you!

Carol............. said...

I love the fall colors and your crafts are really very the short and tall pumpkin...they remind me of me and my husband! LOL

Happy Fall Decorating!!!

Katie said...

Very creative! This is my first time here so I loved seeing your projects and I loved seeing your vignettes. You are very talented at puttng them together, something I have never been able to quite master.

Krissy said...

The jack-o-lanterns have so much personality!! So much fun!

Mama King said...

Beautiful tablescape designs!