Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hello Blogger Friends.

Here's a couple of questions for you..

First, to you "put coffee in it to get the smell out" gals:

How much coffee, for how long???

Then, how long to get rid of the coffee smell.
(that is for this non- coffee' drinker.)

I have these 95 year old trays.
( or so i was told).

Leave them?
Paint them?
Put music paper in them??

What do ya' think?

Have a super day.


barbara jean


Heather said...

Hi Barb!
I have no idea about the coffee... BUT I have an opinion about the trays. I would paint them and then paper the inside of them.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Music paper! Aged!

I've never heard of the coffee trick. What about Febreeze if coffee scent isn't pleasant? Or baking soda?

Diane :-)

seanymph said...

Air the suitcases out in the sunshine for a day or so. I think that might help.

If those trays are that old, Id find out if they are worth anything first. If they are you might ruin the value by doing anything to them.

ClassyChassy said...

Not sure about anything today - but you sure do come up with interesting projects!!! Have a great day, Barb!