Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Green guy, and a bit of red and white.

~White Wednesday

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Here is some interesting outdoor fun.

This chair is on the corner down the street.

Along with the little green guy nest to it.

UH OH. Camera shy. Running away.

Here are some pics of the new display outside at the store.

See anything you like??

A cute way to display/sell mini pumpkins and gourds.

Ah. Some white for White Wednesday.
Isn't this a great old folding step stool?
It is Heeeaaavy!!

Here is a bit more white for you.
A new display at the store that my daughter put together.

And how about this yummy white bird cage!!

Aaaah. And a sweet little baby dress.

And here is a little treasure from my morning walk.
Don't squirrels just make you smile??

That's all folks!!

Hope your day is blessed
and full of sunshine and smiles.

barbara jean

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Jeanne Selep said...

Oh, I could have so much fun decorating with that bird cage....

luna miranda said...

a chain on the side! i'm curious at the story why this chair was left on the street.:p

Hootin' Anni said...

I'd LOVE to have that bird cage. I'm looking for one. Someday...someday.

Mine today is the Annual Jazz Festival in town. Come by if you can. CLICK HERE

Have a glorious Wednesday.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

'Morning Barbara Jean,
Just love your pictures! Love the birdcage especially! Happy REDnesday.


Rebekah@Red's Nest said...

The chair and little green guy are too funny. Wouldn't want them on my corner though. I love the squirrel, the do make me smile.

SmilingSally said...

What a welcome for any visitors to find a chair in the driveway. Does that mean "here's where you sit because there's no smoking inside"? LOL

Leslie said...

I'm curious about the chair too...is it always there?
Please stop by my blog-I'm doing a giveaway until Friday, Oct. 23rd.
Hugs, Leslie

~~Carol~~ said...

Is that a toolbox that the gourds are in? I love that! And the birdcage too! Love the whole look of the outside of the store!
Happy Rednesday!
P.S. Did you take that chair?!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute little squirrel. They are busy, busy this time of year getting ready for the long winter.

Love the bird cage and the little dress.

Mary said...

I loved your post today, bj. Have a great week and enjoy Outdoor Wednesday.

SueLovesCherries said...

Cute little green guy - is he an alien?

Your displays are so lovely, and I can see multitudinous (is that a word?) uses for that gorgeous bird cage!

Yes, squirrels make me smile . . . when they're dead! (hee, hee!)

Robin Ennis Willson said...

everything is beautiful, but especially love your whites :)

Regina said...

Hello Barb. Nice outdoor post!
"My Post Here"

Kathleen said...

I guess those folks want to watch their kids play in comfort!
I have a step stool like that!
Fun post..Happy OW!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Great pictures! Love the birdcage. I agree, squirrels do make me smile. I love watching them, they can be so funny when they are chasing each other around and through the trees.

The church near my office has one of those little green guy signs. It sure gets your attention with that coloring! I assume the chair has been placed outside for a pick up by the City/Town or the first person who wants it. People around here do that. I can place something outside before I go to bed at night and by morning, it is gone!

Thank you for sharing your pictures with us!

~ Tracy

Dawn said...

Now won't it be funny when some blogger shows up at Thrifty Thursday or Metamorphasis Monday with a photo of that chair and says look what I got for free and see a how nice it turned out! You'll kick yourself for not grabbing it when you had the chance!LOL!

Lisa said...

Great reds and whites! The tool box is so neat with the pumpkins and squash!!
Hugs, Lisa