Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun Finds Friday

A commercial bread pan.
I've wanted one of these, but too much $.
This was a pretty good deal I think. ($18.00) ?
(if that was not a good deal, don't tell me!!) =)
It will be used for display at the store.

New dishes.
That is a butter dish in the center.
It has a bowl under the lid.

Could not find this pattern on the net so do not know value,
but sure is pretty.
And how cute is this?
It is a music box. The heart turns to make it play.
I saw it at a thrift store.
Fun thing is, I painted it about 18 years ago!
And, it still works!
I had to smile when I saw it.
Hopefully, someone else will take it
home and enjoy it a few more years.

Reminds me of a story.

At a garage sale years ago my sweet fella saw a piece
I had painted years before.
He ever so tenderly and sweetly pointed it out to me.
He thought my feelings would be hurt because
they had my art in their garage sale.
"Heavens no!", I said.
"I enjoyed painting it, they enjoyed having it,
and now someone else will get it."

Such a sweet guy I have.

Hoping you have great day!!

barbara jean


Rebecca said...

It's a GOOD DEAL Miss Barbara Jean! WHOOT! WHOOT!

Love all your pretty finds. I'd love to have that Pro Bread Pan! Wanna share? KNOW you do! :)

Love to you~


Anonymous said...

Yep, he's a keeper, Barbara Jean. Now what will you do with that bread pan keeper? I'm just not familiar with them. Certainly looks like something with potential.

Susan said...

I love that bread pan!! Your dishes are so pretty!