Friday, November 26, 2010

Super Giveaway!!!

Vicki at
Rusty Rooster Vintage
Is having a wonderful giveaway!
Ends Dec 5th so get on over and sign up.

barbara jeanLink


salige lavendel said...

I have had a good look at your treasures here, SO much beautiful inspiration =) You seems to be a really creative person. And thanks for coming by my blog even if you probably do not understand what I am wrigting! The prise for the cards(4 cards, and you can choose wich four letters from the alphabet you want) is 9,6 USD and I guess 4,23 for postage. I wish you a wonderful weekend! Here in Norway it is REALLY cold! I hate the cold, but the snow is incredible beautiful!!!

Vicki said...

Thanks, Barbara Jean! Good luck!

Susan said...

Barbara , I would love to enter this give away. But I won't be in the country on Dec 5th when it ends!! So then I could not respond with my info, if I should win!! My hubby and I leaving for Jamaica on Dec 1st.