Monday, July 25, 2011

Mystery Box Revealed & Blue Question

The mystery box.
Yesterday I showed you this box, and dangled the carrot
that I would show you soon.
I wanted to wait till Wednesday for the
"Would you buy it" meme, but,
my nice side won out!
I guess you know if a box says $20 on it, and it just
looks like a crummy old box, you HAVE to look
inside to see what is sooo valuable.
Above is what the box said on the end.
Did not mean much to me. BUT.....
This is what was inside!
OK. Maybe not too impressive to you so far,
but (again) =)

These are 1" locking brass stencils!
A whole box of them.
all the letters!!
and numbers, and assorted signs!
99 of them!!!!!
(or maybe I counted wrong and there are 100 as the box says.)

Aren't they wonderful??!!!
Now, a bit of a problem:
I cannot seem to find them on line to see what they are worth.
The only way I could find them was made up into necklaces.
I could not even find the company name.
And, I need to find out how to clean them.
So all you wonderful bloggers, help with some info please. =)

And more help:
Blue Question:
Yesterday I showed you these blue enamel bowls I bought.
The pic below is the bottom of one.
It is a Lion leaning up on a column,
with numbers beneath it.
I'd like to find out about them or at least find out
whether I should waste my time finding out or not.
Make any sense?
This is another bowl.
I punched the numbers into computer and got nowhere.
I'm just sure one of you bloggy friends knows about them. =)
That is all for today.
Hope I can get my project done for
White Wednesday tomorrow!! =)

barbara jean


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Wow, I just love your wonderful finds!!

Station 521 said...

Hi Barb! I have some 1 1/2" brass stencils like that. They came in a cardboard box. Says"Reeses Adjustable Lockedge Stencils". Hope that helps. Debbie

sweet violets said...

Now, those stencils are a treasure...I could use those all day long!! hugs...cleo

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh,I love the stencils - great find Barb!! Don't clean them.
Mmmh, I never saw a whole set in the orignal box.Thanks for sharing.
X) Marie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! Those stencils are a great find and I would say definitely worth the price. Good luck finding out about them and the bowls. I know not a thing. :/ Best wishes for a beautiful day. Tammy

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Barbara Jean ~
The stencils are wonderful!!
I think I would definitely be hoarding those :)

Unknown said...

Great find on those stencils! Don't clean them is right. I don't know a thing about them but I would have bought them too!

Lisa said...

That box is amazing!!! My mom needs a box like that to store her cutting boards on the kitchen counter. But this one is too great to use for that! What a find!!
Hugs, Lisa

Ido said...

Hi Barbara,
Sorry I can't help you with those questions, but surely enjoyed looking at those fabulous finds!

rglater said...

I just traded these for some art work. My box was paper with brass reinforced corners and labeled "Reeser's Adjustable Brass Stencils with nice graphics. Not as many stencils I don't think. Listed as Roman Gothic and I paid 14.50 five years ago. I never considered selling individually, hmm

One thing about making them into jewelry is tose wicked sharp corners and edges.

They came with a box of cheap stick on letters/numbers for apartment addresses but a nice font so I kept them for...?