Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mystery Item Revealed

 The last couple of days I have shown pics of an item...

but no one guessed what it was....
does this help???
 here is handcuffs!!
aren't they cool??
very different for my little store...
but different often catches my eye. =)

Thanks  to
for all her great guesses.
Thanks for playing along!!

barbara jean


Teri said...

You know, I actually thought of handcuffs, but thought they looked too small!!! Duh!!! For kids!!! LOL!!!

Sandie Edwards said...

Wow ... not sure I'd guess kids hand-cuffs... I am now wondering if they actually used them (parents lol)!

P.S My blog is

not Cardmaking Online :-) I DT for Cardmaking Online.

I had a wonderful time trying to guess, what fun, thank you!