Monday, July 9, 2012

A Bit of Pink Heaven Project Reveal

Ele, at
has some wonderful fun going on at her place.
She put out an Artist Call...
(she sends out goodies and you create with them)
And I responded, and here are some pics of what I created.

this one is not quite done.....
still need s little something.
here are bits and pieces of the one that is done.
Most of what I used was in the goody box, but I did add
one of my flowers....

 I used some little snippets of lace I had...
 and buttons...
and this is a piece of wire from a typewriter,
 easily bent into a heart...

Love the beautiful paper she sent....
.and cute little "adore" ticket.

 This hand stamped ribbon is from
Lots of wonderful treasures on that site.

And here is my finished piece.
It was fun and interesting working with things someone else provided.
The burlap, paper, tags, and wonderful pin were from Ele.
I tried to add as little of my own things as possible.
A bit of doily, my flower, and some buttons and lace.
so fun!!!

These are the other gals who are participating.
Cannot wait to see what they have done.

Thanks Ele.

Blessings on this beautiful Monday
Barbara jean


Katalina Jewelry said...

Beautiful, Barb! Your projects really are "a little bit of heaven"!

Kristen Pare said...

Very pretty, I love the flower! thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Hi Barbara Jean!
How adorable! Wasnt this fun? I certainly enjoyed this and know i am going to have fun seeing what everyone else comes up with.
Be blessed,

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I Love it! I really like the flower you added. IT gave it a nice 3D look!

marda said...

Turned out great.. love the use of old clipboards. Who knew they could be chic?

Dawnll said...

I am loving this piece...wonderful layering...I love each piece you used

vivian said...

Hello Barbara Jean, just stopping by form Eles blog. I did the same challenge loving your clipboard collage.
Ele sent some really neat things to play with didnt she? Nice stopping by, happy tuesday!

Caleen said...

I love this.. It turned out so cute. This really gave me some ideas.. Thank you for sharing. What a great way to use the ribbon and love the flower..

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Wow, how creative! I would have had no idea what to do with all those little gems.