Sunday, July 1, 2012

Display Ideas.....and new lock......

I LOVE cubbies.

Very cool old lock and two keys!!
No name of anything on it.
Sure do wonder where it was made and how much it is worth.
With no name or anything on it, not sure I would ever find out.
(Oh, did you see that little lock hole cover?
How cool is that?)

Here is the back.
 New corner display.
 A little display in an old wire basket.
I love wire baskets!!!
And here is a cute display on a dust pan.
use magnetic hooks or clips to hold an old pic on.
My pic blended in too much with background
so I put a hanky behind it.
Will find an old doily instead, as hanky is too stark and new looking. -)

Thanks for coming by.
Have a super Monday!!

barbara jean


Vicki said...

I love all your treasures. Great idea with the dust pan. Hope this finds you well!

Dee at The Carlton said...

I love the way your display things - so very lovely!

Dee at the Carlton