Monday, September 10, 2012

My Newest Treasures

 My newest and most wonderfully great treasure.
 bet you have guessed already what it is.
 yep. a scale.
 a big, wonderful, black, old, old scale.
Have wanted one for the shop forever...
but could not afford one.
Happy dance....finally found one!! =)
 other simple little things:
candle holders. perfect for a crow, or orange candles.
 child's wooden chair....
and small doll buggy base.
We can have fun with this....
Those are all the fun finds I'm showing today.
I have hit the jackpot lately, 
and cannot wait to show you the rest. =)

Blessings and have a super week.
Barbara Jean


Stephanie said...

It looks like you found some wonderful things. I love the doll buggy base! Have a great week.

Serving Him,

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

Great scale! I love it and know it'll look great in your shop.

Take care,

Susan said...

You have hit the jack pot with your treasures! I love them all!

Tete said...

Love the scales! I put my mailbox on my buggy base! Love all your finds.

La said...

Great finds, Barbara Jean! I especially love the candleholders and imagine many ideas for fall using them. Enjoy!