Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Victorian to Rust

 Happy White Wednesday everyone.
I have a bit of this and that today.
These are pics of a beautiful, and delicate white
 Victorian dress. Hand beaded......
 (excuse background pumpkin fabric. Was in a hurry to photograph it)
 This is the neck.....
 More of beautiful hand beading....
 just love this.....
I have the neck, part of bodice, and part of back....
(the 16 eye hooks part).
 Shabby white Fall sign I did.
 Rusty white name plate on my 'new' Buffalo scale.
 Old wall heaters.
shabby, chippy white.
I will  take heaters off back, then maybe
mount rest on wall and use to hang pics on.
Any other ideas????
oh oh! Just thought of something else I could do.
Take that wire piece out and use rest as frame.
Then have wire to play with too..=)

Thanks for coming by

barbara jean
PS I'm joining Kathleen for White Wedesday!!


Susan said...

Beautiful Barbara!!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

The Victorian dress is gorgeous, so much detail. What a great idea to use the front of the heater for a frame...love it.

Stephanie said...

The Victorian white dresss is stunning! The detailing is truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

A Sister in Christ,

tibby said...

Hello Barbara,
Last week I was in my mum's 500 year old house in my native village & she decided to open a trunk where she used to put some treasures. She wanted to renovate the anti-moth balls. Well, she hardly needed to, because I took most everithing. It was shabby chic PARADISE!! We found my 1st pair of leather shoes from before I even walked. Her wedding nighty. A shoulder knitting jacket that was my granma's,.... I brought most things with me to restore some and then hang on a privileged place in my house.
Really TREASURES FROM THE HEART. I yearn everything my mum has because it's hers, not for the monetary value. She cherishes those things & I love that she does. She's now 80 & her health very poor, but when she's with her "things" she rejuvenates.
Thank you for sharing all your treasures with all of us.

She Uses Her Words said...

Stunning dress! Love it! And I love the pumpkin fabric underneath it too. Bet that made a great pumpkin. xo, Karen