Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Treasures......Unusual Treasures

 Here are a couple of treasures you do not see every day.
These are off an old Victrola that was in  a cabinet that was falling apart.
The top one is the fast/slow dial.....(sorry it is blurry)
 This is the brand name, and info about it.
Such a cool graphic on it too.
Be sure to click to enlarge.
 Small World Globe Back from the 50's.
only 5" tall, and has stopper in it still.
 wonderful old Queen Elizabeth tin from 1953....
 Old clock keys.
All for 8 $36 include U.S. shipping.
 old sewing machine.....Spartan.
Great porch or garden decor....perfect rust!!
Found another old windmill. Must be about 8' tall.
 And my very first old wooden wagon wheel!!
so fun. (Broken up on bottom, but who cares?)

A good week of finds....more to come. =)

 Happy Monday, and have a great week.


barbara jean


Katalina Jewelry said...

Hi Barb! I'm interested in a few of these items...the two Victrola pieces and the sewing machine.

Stephanie said...

Oh I love the old sewing machine! How fun :)
I hope you have a blessed Monday!


Anonymous said...

Great finds Barbara Jean! I have seen where they make the most darling lamps out of the old sewing machines- would love to find one one day to try my hand at it!

bee blessed