Monday, June 15, 2009



"Get R Done Friday"

It all started when i challenged myself
to get caught up on some way over do projects!!

I decided to post a project each week to finish,
then show you the results the following Friday.
I've been posting on Project Friday to do this.

My new friend at Expressly Corgi decided to join in,
and got some things done herself.
Then she thought maybe we should start our own special Friday,
and from that idea she came up with
Get R Done Friday.

So each week we will challenge each other
(maybe the worlds best two procrastinators)
and you
to choose a project and get it done in a week.

(now we are well aware that some projects
will take much longer than a week,
and that sometimes life gets in the way,
but this is just to challenge ourselves
and also set some goals, and so far it is working)

At he end of my post i usually tell you what
i will be working on for the next week,
therefore making myself
accountable and more apt to get things done.
Putting before and after pics
really helps all join in the fun too.

So friends, get out those projects and join us.

Monica has all you need to know
how to do it over at her place.

Blessings to all,
Barbara Jean

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Lisa said...

Oh a teaser!
Hugs, Lisa