Monday, June 29, 2009


A box came, so of course I opened it.
Hmmm. I did not order any peanuts.

Shook the peanuts all over the table thinking
there may be something else in there.
And there was this beautiful package.
Not my birthday I thought.
(it's in September if you want to send me a present!!) =0)))

I opened the package, and there were two more packages,
and a card with my name on it!
Maybe it is my birthday and
I forgot when it was.
(I'm forgetting a lot of things lately!)

I opened the card,
and the packages.....


Remember Posy?
I won her and the pincushion last week
from Bearbits giveaway.

"OH POSY!! You got here so fast!!!
"I was anxious to see where i was going to live".
"OK Posy. I'll show you around.

" Posy, this is where i usually put my most favorite,
and new
found treasures."
"Do you like it here?"

"I don't think so. Baby shoes may look cute here, but not Posy."

" OK Posy. Let me introduce you to some of my other friends.
"This is where some of my other bears hang out."

"Do you like it here?"

Posy looked around.
"What do you think pin cushion?"
"I think it is a little crowded with these other bears. I would like the spotlight to be on us for awhile."

"I agree"said Posy.

"OK Posy. I will give the other bears a new place, and this will be your special place now." I'm so glad you are here!"

"I can tell we are going to like out new home, pin cushion."
"Yes, Posy, I know we will."

Thank you Ginger, for your wonderful work and for sharing Posy with me. =0)

and thank you all for visiting today, and all your congrats when I won Posy.
I know she would have loved it at your house too. =0)
Barbara Jean

Click on Posy to see more of Bearbits wonderful bears!!
or to visit Ginger at her blog click here


Lisa said...

I am so glad Posy arrived safe and sound! How very great!!! I know you will love her!
Hugs, Lisa

marty39 said...

Oh how cute and precious. Congratulations. I know you will love Posey forever. Hugs, Marty

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

How was your plan trip,Posy? You've come to a good home !!!! Barb, She is so PRETTY !!!! I'm so happy for you !!! Blessings, Deborah

ginger said...

Hi Barbara, Thank you for the wonderful photos of Posy and her arrival. I am delighted that she has found a lovely place to plant herself. It's so nice to see she arrived safely and I hope she will be lots of fun company for you and your family. Posy must have heard us talking about how we love Oregon so I know she'll be happy there. Enjoy!