Thursday, June 11, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

Show and Tell

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It is posted right after her "doggy" post. =0)

Project Friday

I'm not finding any project Friday posts or links
at Sugar Plum Cottage.
Maybe she is on vacation and i forgot.
so here is mine anyway!! =0))

Remember some time ago I challenged myself to start getting some of these projects done that i had put off way too long??

Well, here is another off the list.

This is the empty box I gave to my 14 year
old Granddaughter for Christmas!

I told her i would paint whatever she wanted on it,
and she chose roses
and gave me a list of colors.

Well, about 3 hours ago at the very last minute i finished painting it.

Here is the finished product.
I is a jewelry box for her.
Lid opens at the top,
and it has a little drawer in front.
(check out the great hardware too!)

I used 3 colors off her list of 8 colors,
and painted some roses for her.

end of box, and other end just has a little rose and buds.
And here it is finished!!!
YAY! Another project off my list.

Next week's Project Friday Challenge:

Remember these?
(All the little lamp shades I've been picking up?)

and these?
( all the candle holders I've found?)

Next week I'll show you this finished project,
and give some tips for doing them.

Barbara Jean

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Allidink said...

Wow Barb! You are such a great painter! That's so pretty! I would love paintings like that all over my room LOL. Hey my nest came I am sooo excited! It's so beautiful! I am going to blog about it next post! :) Thanks so much Barb I just love it!

All the best,

Lisa said...

Great Box! Can't wait to see next weeks!!
Hugs, Lisa

ClassyChassy said...

I went to the link you provided, but no projects were to be found - is she on vacation? Anyways, you certainly are a talented artist! The box turned out sooo lovely! They tell me roses are one of the hardest to paint! Nicely done!