Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday Shopping Secrets

I am so far behind showing you my great finds lately,
I may never get caught up!!

But, alas it's late,
so I have just chosen 3 for this today.

How about some picture frames.
(Like I don't have a few already). =0)
All these for $1.75

And this beautiful piece.
Wish I had a parlor to put it in.
But, since it is only doll size,
me having a parlor would not matter. =0)

And look at all these lovelies!!
8 mini shades,
2 glass candle holders,
set of three beautiful gold candle holders,
and that black mirror,
All for $7.00!!!!

Guess you know i was dancin' out of that sale.

And they were the nicest people.
Young woman was redecorating her home,
and her Mom was there helping with the sale.

I was in a hurry,
so I just made a pile of her reasonably
priced, lovely items.
They started adding and wrapping for me.
The total was $10, but she
decided to give me a deal
and only charged me $7.00!!
They were thrilled I was getting them.

They even helped me get them to the car!!!

A perfect way to end my sale time.


OK. I was pondering some tips today.

1.Always find something nice to say
to whoever is having the sale.
It might be there yard, great signs,
nice hair do, neatness or sale or whatever.
This is not a buttering up,
but a kindness.
We all like to hear niece things.

2. Never complain about pricing,
or the quality of their things!
If there is a flaw, mention it, and
ask for a lower price.
But don't grumble if they don't lower it.

3.Always leave with a kind word and a smile.

Thanks for coming by.

Barbara Jean


marty39 said...

You found a lot of really wonderful treasures. I really like the frames and all the lovely candlesticks, well acturally I like it all. Super suggestions for how to treat a person holding the sale, or how to treat anyone anytime. Hugs, Marty

Petit Coterie said...

Barb, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You know you could win the king slips as well. Just send your readers over and add your name. As far as washing burlap, it is not a good idea. A 10oz. burlap like the one I use is really pretty soft. Dry cleaning is the only way to clean these.

I really enjoyed your blog, love all of your treasures.

ClassyChassy said...

BE KIND - those are the words we all should live by! And, nice treasures, too, by the way!

CC said...

Oooooo, what lovely,lovely finds. I love them all, but the mineatures are my favorites. They're sp sweet..and I love your suggestions on attending a sale. wouldn't it be nice if we acted that way all the time. Leaving now..with a smile and a hug for you. Have a lovely week.