Thursday, June 4, 2009

Project Friday

Project Friday

Project Friday

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Sugar Plum Cottage

I have decided every week i would
challenge myself to finish up some
project i have either started, or need to start.

Last week i did not have the pics,
but told you about a dr.
outfit for my granddaughter's 18" doll, Vickie.
It was left from a gift certificate i gave
her for clothes from last year!!!
(I surely must get the procrastination award for that.)

So, here is the doll i keep at home for trying
on clothes i am making.
On her lap are the pattern and fabric for the coat.

And here is the finished coat.
Dr. Vickie even has her own
name tag and prescription pad.
(we are trying to figure out a stethoscope) =0)

And here is the whole view.
Do you think it is too long??OK

Now next weeks project:

I got a plain old jewelry box at 'you know where'.
Cleaned it up and spray painted it black.

The inside was really nice, so i just dusted it out a bit..
There is even a little drawer.

Then i gave it to my granddaughter and
told her i thought I'd paint flowers on it.
I let her choose what she would like for colors and all.

So, last Christmas, yes, last Christmas!!
She wrote down what she wanted!!!

This is the pic today.
Notice anything unusual??

That's right. I have still not painted it!!!

So, next week it will be done,
and Merry Christmas Camille!! =0))

I am glad children are so forgiving.
Now, if i could just quit beating myself up all will be fine.

blessings and get in there and get those projects done!!!

Barbara Jean


Kitty Scraps said...

Good Morning Miz Barbara Jean,
I had to smile because I have several unfinished projects at very stages too! My project list never seems to get any shorter either *smiles* I love the lab coat for your Dr dolly! How cute!

Lisa said...

Oh well somethings just don't inspire you like others. You'll get it done! I like the Dr's coat for the doll!

ClassyChassy said...

Wow - Love the doll outfit, and will see if you get the Christmas present done!