Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paper Crafting Wednesday


My paper craft for today.

On yesterday's Second Time Around Tuesday
I posted this pick, and said to come
back today and i would show you what i did with these business cards,
and Formica sample chips.

These are the supplies i gathered for this project.

music paper
Fabric glue and glue stick
Formica or paint chips, or old business cards, or
flash cards
laces and trims
tea stain ink pad
copies of words of your choice
stencil brush

I keep an eye out at garage sales for any
kind of paper or tags i can use for things.

This whole bag of goodies was only $1.50!!
One package alone had 50 tags in it!

The first ones i made for this project
(baby, and Love)
are from flashcards i found at a sale for .25 a package.
(Click on pic below to enlarge)
They already came printed with various words
so it made it very easy.
I just found a pic that went with the word,
in this case a baby, and a girl with a puppy.

(in hind site: Wish I'd laid those cards out
on my copier and printed them off on a
manila folder so i would have had more of them!!)

I use the template below to make sure the pic
i want to use is the right size.
(pics are readily available on many sites.
Let me knwo if you need some addresses.)
As i do each step,
I dry brush everything with the tea stain ink.
Great stuff!!
(I use a stencil brush to do this.)
Then choose trim, lace ribbon etc
to finish up your cards

The Sing tag is made from my old business cards.
I glued two, right sides together to make it stiff.
I printed words off the computer,
and decided on a background.
This can be torn or cut to any shape you want.
I did the back of this card with music paper.
Trace around it a little bigger than the card,
then glue on, then cut around.
That way you won't have to position it perfectly.

I tea stained as i went, added a little tea bag rose (another project)
and glued on a piece of tea stained lace as a hanger.
I use the fabric glue for the hanger, and rose,
and glue stick for everything else.
I finished the back of the sing card with more music paper.

I lost two of my pics, and left the instructions at the store,
so I hope this made some sense to you.

The whole idea is to just have fun and experiment.

If you have any questions, please mail me.


These items will be available at the blog shop later this week.
Tomorrow's blog shop will feature my bird nests!!

Barbara Jean

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Allidink said...

That is so very darling! I didn't know they sold tea stain ink! How great. That little rose in the corner is adorable too :)

All the best,

Terry said...

You are so creative!! I just love these! :0)

ClassyChassy said...

Great post today - and a very pretty project - well done!

Lisa said...

Awsome tags!! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

Lynn said...

Great tags! I like to add tags to my fan pull chains. Looks cool!

Brenda said...

I will never look at business cards or such the same again. So much you can do that I had never thought of, you've shown me! I love projects like this, with vintage photos. Beautiful!