Monday, April 26, 2010

God Answers Prayer and Birthday Fun

Sunshine and flowers for you,
and many thanks too!

Thank you to all who prayed yesterday about my newly injured back.
I am better today, and got some more work done at the store
in readiness for our new room, and Tea & Treats coming soon.
The enemy is great at trying to slow us down and get
us off track when we are doing God's work.
I just decided not to let him have his way.

Now for a birthday story.

April 2nd was my sweet fella's birthday.
He sweetly made a little list for us all.
Small things, so the kids could get something if they wanted.
The day of his birthday my plan was to take him over to the golf course
and let him choose what he wanted, just to make sure I got him the right things.

Well somehow we ran out of time. No big deal.

But, when I got home from the store at 6.....

Here he was, greeting me with the gifts
I bought for him for his birthday!

He says, "look hon, what you got me for my birthday."
Big smile on his face.
I am bursting out laughing.
This is so great!

So, he showed me his new golf handle.
"Just the one I wanted!"
Then he said "and look what else you got me.."
and showed me the two 'wrapped" (and I use the term loosely
cause that is how they were wrapped).
I am laughing my head off now.

Then he showed me the note I wrote to him for his birthday.
Can you see what it says?
"Blessings and Happy Birthday Scott.
Love Barb"

And that is exactly what I would have written.
He had a great birthday, and we
had more fun than if I had gone shopping and
wrapped them all up myself.
What a guy!!!

Blessings to all of you!

barbara jean


CC said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet husband...I'm so happy you chose just the right things for him *smiles...He's certainly a keeper.
And,I'm so happy for you that your back is better. Pain in your back is just the worst..and I pray it continues to get better. Don't overdo
if you can help it.Many hugs..

Funky Junk Interiors said...

That man of yours is so adorable!! I'm glad he takes care of you so well. :)

Happy to hear of your health improvment, my friend! Keep those bones knitting! We want you brand new again. :)


Lululiz said...

Tehehehe, thats the sort of thing I usually do to my husband, lol, look darling what you got me for b/day, Xmas etc etc. Works very well indeed and everybody is happy.
Very Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband!

ClassyChassy said...

He takes care of you, and himself too! Sweet post, and get well soon!

The Hillbilly Housewife said...

I can't believe he wrapped them even! What a guy!


I have done the same hubby sometimes needs my "help" when it's my birthday!!!I think his huge smile says it all!!
Glad to hear your back is better!
Deb :)

Patina Marie said...

Yep, he's a keeper!!!

I love it!

My split-pins (oldest and youngest sons) came up to Eugene on Sunday. I was invited, but unfortunately, I'm fighting some sort of head cold, sore throat sort of thing.

I'll be sure to road trip your way soon, though!!!

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Never fun when your head is "active" and the body says otherwise!!!