Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pearls Jars Tutorial, and Fun Finds

Some vintage treasures.

Fun finds.
(would you leave the little girl alone, or spray her white?)

Looking for tea pots for our soon to open
Tea & Treats at the store.
I fell in love with this one.
Even paid the whole $4.99 for it!
Minus my 10% honored citizen discount. =)

And I am doing the Happy Dance on this one.
I call them "Hot Pots".
They heat water in 1 or two minutes.
Perfect for our new tea thing going on.
New in store- $30 and up.
New at Goodwill- $5.00!!!
(and did you see it is a Braun?)

Here is a little tutorial for you.

I call these Pearls Jars.
The label is:

Pearls of Wisdom,
Encouraging Words
from Scripture.

Little jars filled with scripture quotes.

Here's what you need:

small jar with wide opening at top.
(this jar is about 3 1/2" tall and 2" across)

various pearls from broken necklaces
small wire to go through the pearls
scripture and label printed out on paper
(I have used light weight brown paper, and parchment paper.)
small piece of lace or trim
glue stick

I type the label out in word, and make them the size I need.
Typing out the Scripture is a two fold blessing.
First looking up encouraging verses,
and then second typing them out.
You can even get a 3rd blessing if you read
them again when you roll them.
(oops. getting ahead of myself). =)

OK, now you roll them.
(no pic, sorry)
I just use a toothpick at one end and roll the paper around it to the end.
Then I unroll it once with my fingers.
That way they are not tiny rolls in the jar.
If they are, the first time someone takes them out and
reads them they will not all go back into the jar.
(did you understand that?) Hard to explain.

Now the pearls.
If you just lay them in the bottom of the jar,
and someone has to turn the jar over to get a paper out,
the pearls would just spill out.

So, I twist a pieced of wire and add the pearls to it.
to do this:
make a little twist at the end. That keeps the pearl from falling off.
Then place a pearl on.
Next, twist the wire a couple of curly Q's.
This can just be done loosely around the toothpick.
Add next pearl, and keep repeating.
The wire should be about 1' long, and i use two of them per jar.

Put the pearls in to jar, then add scripture papers.
Add a little trim around the top.
Again, I keep the trim simple, as I do on the Ps 139 jars.
And there you have it.

This can be easily adapted for special occasions.
Say verses about children for a baby shower.
Trim the jar up with appropriate colors.
Even use pink pearls.

How about one for Mom's Day.
What she has been to you, or verse from Proverbs 31.

A general jar on love, or friendship.

Have more ideas?
Please share.
And if you do one up, please let me brag about you here.

16 comments: said...

Wow Barbara Jean,
You must have just hit publish, can't believe I'm the first comment! You post THE best tutorials in blogland. I swear girl, you are so generous with your ideas, that's the way it should be right? You know I've adapted a few myself right?! LOL I still can't get the tea bag rose tho, mine come out mangled. Love the idea too, wonderful. Have a great day! Lisa

Beansieleigh said...

Oh Barbara Jean.. I LOVE this idea, and can't WAIT to make one!! You're right about the blessings this project can be. Blessings have been a big focus for me lately, in case you haven't been my way recently! I'm working on a blessings project that I think is a VERY good thing for me! Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea! I'm going to be looking for a jar just as soon as I can! ~tina

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Barbara!!! You are such an angel for sharing your wonderful ideas!!! These are so beautiful to me ~ just gorgeous and so meaningful. And as always, I'm lovin' you new finds!! I'm so glad you're feeling better sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

T's Daily Treasures said...

Pearls of Wisdom -- now that is a very sweet idea. I used to have a spoon rack like the one you showed but everyone kept banging it by the dining table and all the spoons would fall. Now I just bundle them together in old ceramic containers rather than showcasing them on the wall. I say paint the girl white! :) Blessings, Tammy

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Barbara Jean,
What a wonderful tutorial and how generous of you to share it with everyone! These are just darling and I can't wait to try one myself!!
I would leave the Chippy girl on the bench alone. I think she looks great that way! Adds a bit of aging to her!

Dawn B. said...

This is beautiful.. I Love this. You did an amazing job.. I love the pearls...

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

These are such a pretty and fantastic way to share scripture with others--thanks for linking up, you always make me smile!

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Barbra Jean... I love the little girl, gosh to paint or not too paint,, hard question she would look great either way... great finds with the tea pots.. and such a wonderful idea of the jar,,, love it. I will have to make one..... thanks for help in showing us all how.


DeeDee said...

hey I have tons of those litte spoons you have a fun craft for them? I would levae the little girl as is..I lvoe the weathered look....

the little jar is adorable....enjoy your day.. said...

That hot pot looks handy- you gotta love Goodwill!

Gloria-Jean said...

Warning, cancer!

Someone in blog lands needs help, go to my blog and read about
Marilyn, or just go to Marlyn's blog,

Our you people in blog land as nice as you write on your blog?

Lori said...

Everything looks great! I would paint the little girl! But she does look good as is.

Thanks for joing Get Your Craft on Thursday! Please join me next week for another great party.

Leann said...

Hey BJ

Just popping in to play catch up. Love the little tutorial on the pearl jars!

Enjoy your weekend!

Anne Fannie said...

You always have the best posts. I love all your lovely items and I would leave that little girl alone, I personally like the chippy look.

Patina Marie said...

Hey, I recognize that little jar!!! You did a wonderful thing with it.

I like the little girl chippy in the garden and maybe painted in the house!???

Will be coming for a visit the 21-25! Found a little cottage guest house at an artist up your way. I'll email you as we get closer. Shopping one afternoon would be fun!


Anonymous said...

Barbara Jean, Just love the Pearls of Wisdom jar idea! Could be for lots of different occasions too and if someone is having a reunion, ea. person could write a bit of their favorite memory about a person on the tiny scrolls and it could be chanced off at the party as a mememto!

Just catching up with your great doily finds! Wow! I can see you nonchalantly taking your $2.50 out of your pocket! LOL!

Hope you're feeling better.