Friday, June 1, 2012

A bit of This and That

 Do you love this???? Fun little vignette at the store.
(wish that was a real size chair...and a HUGE statue...
but it is just small).
That is crumpled up music paper roll behind and around it.
An idea from one of my customers.
( I need a lesson on crumpling next time she comes in).
 Love this sign one of my vendors made.
and I found another 'new' fan.
 a bit of that......
 and this! a cool old log book for a motor car. sweet.
from early 1900's.

Have a great Friday everyone!!


Katalina Jewelry said...

Barbara Jean, that log book is awesome! Where do you find these things?!

Jennifer said...

Wonderful finds! I just love how you do your displays! So inviting!