Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bird Nest Tablescape

Here is my first tablescape ever.

You have to know right up front that i am not a fancy table person.
I figure if i get the food from the grocery store to our plates, in any fashion, I'm doing good.

I have to say though, I did really enjoy putting this together. It was so fun i may do another one.

Since i am so into bird nests right now, thought i would make that the theme of my tablescape.
And, since i am also into black and cream at the store, thought that would work perfect.

You may recognize the little bird nest on the plate, as it is the giveaway from a few posts back.

The dishes are special to me, not because they are fancy, or expensive, but because my Mom and Dad bought them for me. i saw them at a garage sale this summer and I talked myself out of getting them because i had plenty of dishes. Mom and Dad went back and got them for me.
My first ever 12 piece setting that actually matched. Who knew i would be using them for a tablescape!! They were perfect!

The silver was my husband's grandmother's. One of the few things we have that was hers.

The napkin is gathered up with a button attached.
Recognize the centerpiece nest?

It is the one i showed you for the tutorial.
I have added some cheesecloth, and pearls, and put it on a metal flower pot holder.

The little shoes we got when we went to my husband's mom's memorial. They were Scott's. We were so thrilled to have them. It is one of the few things we have from his childhood.
Inside we found a little piece of very worn paper with a lock of hair from his first haircut.
What a treasure.

The clock with the rhinestones is one i have had forever, and just love the glitz it adds to the table.
The baby picture is of me at 3 months old.
The picture on the right is one i did up for the store, but felt it fit in nicely.

It was so fun gathering things up for the table.
Here is a close up of the little nest. I love the contrast of the black and cream.
And the little sign that says "this cozy place is for you."
Here is an overall view of the table.
a quiet table for two in the corner.
Doing this tablescape reminded me of several things.

How we can use things we already have to create something unique and beautiful.
The clock reminds me that we should slow down and take the time to enjoy what God has created.
The little shoes remind me that my grandchildren will grow quickly, and to enjoy each moment with them.
And the nest, well, think of the safety God promises us under the shadow of His wings, and how He takes care of the birds of the air.
And He will take care of us.

I hope you enjoyed my first tablescape, as much as i did putting it together.


Barbara Jean


Anonymous said...

Barb, I love the tablescape and the sentiments.

I had to chuckle when you mentioned not being a tablescape person - just getting the food from the store to the table is chore enough! LOL! Me too. Hubby cooks here. I used to before he retired. So nice to have a man cook around the house! :-)


Kim Chalfant said...

I squealed with delight when I saw your table. I love, love, love birds and birds nest right now. Who doesn't? You did a fabulous job. And it was so nice your parents went back & bought you those dishes. You can never have too many dishes. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

How beautiful!!!!!!! and so meaningful too :)

Bo said...

Hi did a fantastic job creating your very first tablescape and I can't imagine what you could possibly do for an encore! This was so pretty, different, & fun... ;-) Bo

Susan said...

Running late this week visiting blogs....

Hope you had a great Tablescape Thursday


Nanna said...

what a beautiful tablescape presentation

Bre said...

Awesome job Barb !

I love all your little touches - the clock, the button on the napkin holders, the birds nests and the baby booties.

And the setting(material and vine wreath) are perfect .....just the right touch for someone who said she doesn't do fancy.


Angie said...

I love it!!! I'm very into birds and birds' nests right now too!!! I think your tablescape is great :)

Kathy said...

I agree with all the comments above, and your table took my breath away! Honestly...

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Your tablescape is gorgeous Barb -
love it. Thanks for sharing.