Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pink Saturday

This is a beautiful pink tea set from the shop.
It is not a full size set, but only about 2 1/2" size tea cups. Oops. Just saw i cut off the tea pots top. Sorry about that. Wrong pic. =0))
I am selling it at the store for $25. (oh, is that OK to say on pick Saturday?)
This a beautiful pitcher/vase my husband's Aunt (who is now with Jesus) painted.
She was a world renowned China Painter, and traveled all over to teach.
Such beautiful work, and we are so blessed to have a couple of her pieces, and a bracelet.
Oh, should have showed you that. Next time.
This is the black and pink area at the store. It's what you see first thing when you walk in.
Lovely painting, baby dress, child's jean dress, jewelry box, black cosmetic purse and more. Sooo fun to gather all these things for the store. (should gather some for my house!) =0
And this is the best pink of all! This is our little grandbaby Rowan, born Dec 19th.
She doesn't see her grandpa as much as she sees me, so when he was holding her she wouldn't smile or anything. She just stared at him like, "who are you???".
She's a sweetie, and the guy holding her is my sweetie of 40 years!!!

Blessings to all of you on this wonderful Saturday!!

Barbara Jean


Betty Jo said...

Congrats on that gorgeous granddaughter! She's beautiful! That tea set is incredibly gorgeous. I would definitely enjoy having tea with that set. ♥

Bre said...

What awesome pinks Barb !

Love the handpainted vase, the tea set and your baby granddaughter is adorable! ....and very neat to see the black and pink section to your store.

.....thanks for the sweet note...I'm still alive LOL ....just in the middle of report cards which seem to take forever. They take up all of my spare time which isn't much LOL no time for blogging.

no chance to do tablescape Thursday cause my kids went skiing and one had a hockey game the night before.

Anyway,I'll try to do a post today and will be back in the saddle again next week some time.

Thanks for thinking of me !