Friday, February 13, 2009

New Items in the Store

Well, these photos aren't right.
I forgot to think backwards.
Oh, leaving myself wide open on that one! =0)
Well, can you guess what this is?
A new bird nest?

Would you believe the inside of a purse??

Yes! Isn't it great?
so many pockets!!
Cute vintage jewelry clasp.
I have 3 in the shop, similar to this one.
Only $19.00!
I can't believe my friend can make them for that little amount!
Well, that's how it is when you love what you do.

Now, I know you've seen this pin cushion already, but the little creation in front of it is what i want you to look at.
It is a mini sewing basket!!
It is about 1 1/4" square.
It has hand made sewing goodies in it.
(there's a long story with that if you are interested.)
There is a tape measure, button card, embroidery thread, bolts of fabric, and a spool of thread.
(click on photo to see the details).
All those tiny little goodies, for $4.00.
(Am i crazy?)
Don't answer that!!

Here are some details about more items in the sewing corner.
Did you notice the hanky bag before?
Made from a vintage hanky, it has a little drawstring, and inside you
can put whatever you'd like. About 7" tall, and price is $6.00
A beautiful gift for someone.

Don't we have wonderful vendors at the store??

That giant "B" could stand for 'buttons' , 'baste',
or "Barbara" if you share my name. =0)
(OK. Any other names starting with "B" could use it too.)

The little button jars are a cute addition to decorate your sewing room, or any room
where you display vintage items. $3.50 each.
Sorry, they are sealed shut with a button lid,
so, no using the buttons.

How about that old pin hand-crafted pin cushion on the bottom.
Think we've all done one of those out of jar lids before, but he added feet are a cute touch.

That's all for today.

Barbara Jean

"Great is the Lord and greatly to be Praised." Ps 48:1


TimeFlysSew by: C.Marie said...

I just love your latest purse! The pin cushion is so cool too. I love pin cushions, I will have to share some of my photos with you.
You do beautiful work!

Bre said...

Love the purse but I did tink it was another bird's nest LOL

.....That would be cute to do a tablescape with a bird's nest ...especially this time of year.

That was my first tablescape mostly because it was for Valentines Day.
I'm sure I won't be able to do one every Thursday but it was fun and now my table looks so pretty for tonight.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Arlene said...

Barb, I enjoy visiting your blog..I think the nests are beautiful, wish I had won, but maybe I'll have to purchase one fron ETSY. Visit my blog when you have the time.