Monday, February 23, 2009

Store Pics

Good morning all.
Thought i would start Marvelous Monday with 3 photos.
I am going to get set up with Pay Pal, and just seeing what interest there is in buying on line from the store.
(You can click on the photos to see better detail).
In this first pic you'll see some berry garland draped across the back of the display.
I have only 4 of these, 5-6' long, for $6.00.
Jewelry box in the front right is $15.00
That cute little black 'purse' is actually a cosmetic bag. ( I think it would make an adorable purse, too!!) It has hard sides, is one compartment inside, and small enough not to lose everything in.
Just right for that night on the town. only $8.00.
I have 4 vintage baby dresses ranging from $6-10.00.
This is a pic of the little girls area of the store.
I guess having 3 (oh, make that 4 now) granddaughters, I just can't help buying pretty pink little girl things.
The dolls are collectible porcelain by Mann. I love the doll with the matching doll!!
I've lowered the price on these to $45, in hope some little girl will be able to enjoy them.
Told you I love pink girly things!!
Here is a vintage vanity i repainted and added a new skirt to. It has the curtains that swing back to expose a little drawer for her "necessities". The vanity and matching bench are $85. (sold locally only.
We have brush and mirror sets, vintage lamps, dress up purses, and 'bling' for those special outings. =0) various prices.

I love ballet treasures, so there are a few of those also.
Ballet prints, baby ballet shoes, signs, and more. Even little hand crocheted bags (made by my Mom) to carry their ballet shoes to class!!

Hope you have enjoyed the tour of a little bit of the store.
Please let me know if you have questions, or comments about anything.

Blessings on this Marvelous Monday.

Barbara Jean


Anonymous said...

Barb, it's all looking so pretty!
Actually, it looks like a labor of love.

Candy said...

Nice to see your shop vingettes.
Was thinking about some of my ladies I have not heard from lately and came looking for you.(since Feb. 11)
Just wanted to make sure you were doing fine. I can see you have been busy.
Happy Tues, Candy