Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not Many Mini's, Yet

I have someone who is interested in the minis I have.
So here are the two clocks, and a mini sewing basket.
Dimensions and all available on request.
This is miniature wood furniture I am clearing out.
( These are all purchased items except for the shelf which i made.)

There is a little jelly cupboard, which i usually fill with mini sewing items.
(for some reason that pic did not load, so will have to do it again.)

Some of the sewing things are: small button cards (I mean small. about 1/2" square.)
Embroidery thread, again only about 1/2" long. embroidery hoops about 1" around.
There's more too. That jelly cupboard is about 6" tall, and is very cute all filled with sewing items. All the mini items i listed before I hand made.

Other furniture: a rocking chair, school desk, the little box with the heart, and a blanket chest that has a lid that opens and closes.
Except for the heart box, all other furniture is sized to fit the little pieces of sewing and other things i made. (Or should I say I sized my accessories to fit in those pieces of furniture.) =0)

I will post the minis on Monday, or sooner if i can find time.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Barbara Jean

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