Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flea Market Treasures

These are some of the treasures i found at the flea market on Sunday.

The embroidered pieces will be used to craft with, as they have several stains and torn places on them.

The little box in the front has two drawers. I think perfect with a pincushion on top, then put your little things in the drawers. You know, extra pins and needles.

I got a few frames, and about 15 mattes for $4.00! Bird nest pictures in the frames, and something down the road with the mattes.

Can you see the two brass lamp bases in the back? Can you believe 2/$1.00!!!!
They are all patina'd, just waiting for that special project. I thought maybe a nest, no not quite it.
Pincushions?? No. Think I'll look for a brass plate to put on the top and make them into serving or display pieces. Yes!! That's it!

I bought an old silverware box, and it had some of the silver in it.

The little light base on the left would house a bird nest nicely, and the stencil cards, well, they will soon be part of a project too.

So there. A fun day with a friends, and treasures too. What more could a person want.


Barbara Jean

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Angie said...

You and I could be treasure hunting buddies :)