Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fiesta Ware Question

I purchased these three Fiesta Ware pieces,
and getting really frustrated trying to find
anything out about them on the internet.

Anyone know how to help?

The Tea Pot has Fiesta, made in USA on bottom,
but barely 'indented'.

The vase has Fiesta,
with, I think "HLC" then USA.

And the pitcher has Fiesta
and above Fiesta has a cute little squiggly thing above it.

I could not get a good picutre of the bottoms.

So, how do I find out if they are old, new, or in between??
(short of buying a book and doing a whole study on them)
I just do not want to 'give' them away at the store if they are worth something.

thanks and blessings

barbara jean
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Claudia said...

Barbara Jean, I used to have quite a collection of Fiesta. It is hard for me to say from your photo whether they are old or new. I suspect new. The shade of green looks different from the original green color - and the teapot looks like a more modern shape.

If you're still unsure, I could take a photo of my teapot and send it to you for comparison. Or if you could get a photo of the markings.


kpaints said...

Not really sure but there are set colors for the old ones. Did the new ones get made up with different colors? I have had a few pieces off and on over the years but those are just beautiful if they are the old ones! Maybe just type in the new colors on Fiesta....?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

They look fairly new to me. I just bought a pitcher like yours and that color is Sea Mist Green. Made in the 60's-70's so not so old but still a retired color. The yellow looks like a 70's color also. Good luck with finding some info.

Loui♥ said...

Barbara Jean..
I Googled "Identifying vintage Fiestaware"..
was directed to a wonderful site called Discount Fiestaware
please check this informative site with photos of pieces along with markings of how to date your pieces!!
good luck!
warm sandy hugs..

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Barb,
They sure are adorable, but I don't know anything about Fiesta...super cute!!! Love the colors too!

Lisa said...

Tea Pot and pitcher are fairly new and the colors are retired, I have those both but they were retired almost 10 years ago. Vase may be older but probably around the same time. I didn't buy a vase but they made them for awhile. I love mine!! If I didn't have those pieces I'd love them ;)
Hugs, Lisa