Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Outdoor Tea

No, this isn't the outdoor tea.

These are pictures from the parade I took my folks too last weekend.

Here are some pictures of displays I did
for an outdoor tea I went to Sunday afternoon.

It was a fund raiser so some of the money from sales
went to the group we were supporting.

Be sure to click on the pics so you can see them better.

My sweet daughter came too.

Found this leaf while out for my morning walk.

Can you see it better now?
Love that greenish blue color on it.

And last, also from my walk,

This beautiful butterfly!
I've never seen one with colors like that.

Happy outdoor Wednesday everyone!


barbara jean

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Hillbilly Handiworks said...

An outdoor Tea sounds lovely!!

http://nannykim-nannykim.blogspot.com/ said...

oh the things at the outdoor tea are so pretty!

Linda said...

I just love an outdoor tea. The butterfly is an interesting color combination.