Saturday, July 17, 2010


Oh do I love rust.
I shop for rust
I try to surround myself with rust.
Just check out this cool rusty lantern.

And guess who is having a rust party this very weekend?
at Funky Junk Interiors

So I gathered up some of my rusty pieces,
and I'm sharing them with you all.
(mind you, this is only a small sampling!)

Love the green color on this milk can,
and rust too?
What more could a girl want?

And here is a rusty scale.
Now to find a bucket for it.

oooh. coraly pink. rust. old. Heavenly!

Oh, and must have some rusty keys and locks for my art.

rusty hinge....

rusty box....

rusty garden tools.
These are getting harder to find now.
I have a whole box full of rusty hinges, and bracket.
Sparing you and just showing a sampling. =)

rusty pieces of fence for a project.

A big rusty bug
(cause it rains a lot in Oregon) =)

rusty scissors.
Oh, and more rusty hinges, Also
threw in a couple of things I rusted, and look at the patina on them.
Patina, and rust. The perfect combo.

Thanks for letting me show you my rust.
Now go on over and see all the other rusty stuff at Donna's.

Have a super weekend!!
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The Hillbilly Wife said...

I'll never look at an old rusty lantern the same way again after seeing the lovely work you do!

sissie said...

Hey Barbara Jean!
You are the Queen of Rust!!!
I love all your rusty, crusty, delicious looking oldies. People die for this kind of rust! LOL


Amy @MaisonDecor said...

HI Barb,Thanks for following my blog and trying so hard to be a follower!! I am your latest follower now too. Why didn't I just think of snapping my rust collection??

genzoddy said...

Lucky girl! Love the scale. I'm sure you'll find the perfect rusty bucket. I'll look around the farm and bring you some 'rust' next time I come down.
Blessings, Karen

shannon i olson said...

Oh what wonderful items!great finds.

Burlap Luxe said...

I just love great JUNK!!! :)

Love the patina and the odds and ends you have to creat with :)

I would love to rumage through your stuff.

Barbra you can go to the bottom of my site and hit older post and there you will find my rosettes on a lamp shade and as tassels :)

I would have loved to have had it as a recent post to join in on the fun...But it was an older one that I snuck in, I hate to miss out on a party! :)

Thank you for your visit.

kpaints said...

Rust is good! You have a wonderful collection!

Hannahleigh said...

Just wonderful!..Don't we love rust..I love your ideas..i have a shop and sell many hand made primitive items.I am also a new blogger..Check my blog out some time..I certainly will check your out again
Hannah Leigh Antiques Etc.